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PSN Restoration: The Final Struggle or Emerging Target?

PSN Restoration: The Final Struggle or Emerging Target?

After nearly a month of the PlayStation Network being down due to an invasion by a group of hackers, Sony has finally began the restoration process for the updated PSN. Sony has revealed their plans on how they will compensate the millions of PS3 owners affected and are promising a much more secure network than before, but how will this all play out? Are you satisfied with the compensation Sony is offering their consumers? Do you feel the PSN is finally "secure"?

NOTE: At the time of this recording, earlier today, Sony had not officially announced any specifics for their "Welcome Back" Program. For the full details on how Sony is going about compensating their customers, you can visit the Official PlayStation Blog.

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  • U should have talked about what the Europe PlayStation Blog said about compensation! 60 days of psn+ for current subscribers!!! Plus two full game!

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