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Gran Turismo 6 A gamescom Bombshell or PS4 Paragon?

Gran Turismo 6 A gamescom Bombshell or PS4 Paragon?

Gran Turismo made its PlayStation 3 debut nearly two years ago and delivered a simulated racing experience never seen before. Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and producer of the Gran Turismo series, recently commented on the future of Gran Turismo when questioned on the existence of Gran Turismo 6 spiking a bit of questioning within my mind. With years invested into the Gran Turismo 5 engine, will Polyphony Digital take advantage of their incredible work for another Gran Turismo release, or just move on to Sony's next console, the PlayStation 4?

If Polyphony Digital does decide to take it to the track again on the PlayStation 3, could we see an announcement made during this year's gamescom? Watch as I provide factual information that justifies why gamescom would be a perfect place to announce Gran Turismo 6 causing the industry to roar into a blaze.

As always, I encourage you all to take part within the comments section with your thoughts on the topic discussed. Would you like to see another Gran Turismo release before the next PlayStation and if so, do you feel gamescom would be the time and place to announce such project? I am interested in what the viewers have to say, so please let me know what you think and as soon as I hear anything related to the topic, I will be sure to keep you all updated here on TheGamerAccess.com.

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  • Guest - Amazingmrbrock

    From a business perspective it's not likely unless the ps4 uses very similar cpu architecture to the ps3. They spent what like six or seven years developing the GT 5 game engine. To start fresh on a new console would waste a lot of the money spent on that. <br /><br />What will most likely happen is gran turismo six will be part of the closing batch of ps3 games.<br />#1.1

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  • Guest - Amazingmrbrock

    Every playstation console has at least 2 Gran Turismo titles in its library. I hope PS3 don't turn to be the exception.

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  • Guest - a_bro

    rather see it as a PS4 game. there were a few features 0that didnt make the cut to GT5, due to the limited amount of ram on the system. <br />If there was one thing that I liked from GT5, its the level progression system. it only makes sense that you level up to a better/faster car. it felt as if you had a sense of responsibility while driving. this is a simulator, not an arcade game. The point is to win a race cleanly, not crash it.

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  • Wow I hope it will be a PS4 title. I still didn't even finish 70% of the GT5 race tournaments yet lol the game is so huge it's kind of impossible to complete the whole game haha. Sony needs to chiiiiiiiiiiiiiil I'm not ready yet LOL

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  • Guest - arch

    as much as i'd love to lay my hands on GT6 now, I'd rather wait a bit and have it on ps4 as a launch title. Nothing will make me purchase PS4 on day 1 as Gran Turismo.<br />If they do release on ps3 then I am sure many of us will be disapointed by lack of decent graphics etc. Ps3 is old, :sad: It was my best friend for the past 6 years but it is getting old.<br />Bring it on PS4 and GT6 as a launch title... how about to have the new console and Gt6 this Xmas???? lol

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