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Sony’s Need to Adopt Xbox LIVE Pricing Model Evident

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Sony's PlayStation Network has come a long way since its debut on the PlayStation 3 and has consistently received praise for remaining free unlike Xbox LIVE, Microsoft's competitor. While this is an excellent aspect of the PlayStation Network for PlayStation gamers, the negative results have had its showing throughout the past and just recently with an announcement from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

I understand that we would all much prefer to spend $60 on a game rather than be required to spend that $60 just to access the online network provided via a game console, but is that small annual charge justified when studios are left with no choice but to shut down their servers due to the cost of maintaining the infrastructure? Isn't it more upsetting to spend $60 on a game to find out later on that online multiplayer is being stripped from the game?

Watch as I provide my input on the servers being shut down and why I feel Sony's need to adopt the Xbox LIVE pricing model is evident. Online gaming used to be a realm free to all, but that time has passed and I explain why this is the case.

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  • Guest - iamnsuperman

    This fails on one major point. A major selling point is free online with the option of a subscription service (which is very good). The shutting down servers is partly to do with money but just because he plays these game doesn't mean everyone does anymore. I wonder how many people do. Even with a subscription model I would expect these servers to be still shutting down because it probably still wouldn't be cost effective to have them.

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  • Guest - Laxman

    The three things that make paying for Xbox LIVE Gold completely worthwhile, that is does a lot better than PSN; Support, reliability, features. <br /><br />Im not saying PSN doesnt have these, it does. Its just it has no where near the level of quality of these that XBL does. And this is undoubtedly becuase Microsoft charge for Gold, and $ony dont (and if thats not the reason, then thats just poor form from $ony.)

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  • Guest - ummmm

    In reply to: Guest - Laxman

    dude Xbox live sucks... it is way worse than psn. Why should i be paying for a service that should be free? i already spend 40$ a month on my internet and Microsoft is asking that i pay more to use something i already pay for...

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  • Guest - Chunkylover53

    They wouldn't have to charge the same price as Xbox Live Gold, but I think charging something would help them make money and recoup initial losses with the PS4 at launch. <br /><br />I've always said that PSN is fine for a bare bones approach to online gaming, but as gaming moves forward, online is becoming more and more prevalent in pretty much every game. Sony will need to make some sort of money, I'm sure its pretty expensive to run all those servers and keep security and features all on the service for free. I don't know if people realize that it costs Sony money to get services like Hulu Plus and Netflix, Sony makes zero money on their online and it could be so much better if they made some profit. <br /><br />If you see any recent PS3 commercials, they cut out the "free online" scroll, I think they might adopt a paid premium service for next generation. I seriously doubt they would totally cut out playing online for free though, I would guess that playing online bare bones will remain free, but they will probably offer some sort of structured online for a price next generation.

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  • Guest - usrev2

    no this is completely false and irrelevant. if sony charged it wouldn't mean less games get their servers shut down, because most games don't use servers. If a game uses servers it is inevitable that they will get shut down when people quit playing. servers cost money to run, and unless you are selling DLC or games, it isn't worth running them.<br /><br />xbox has many games with no more servers ( see chromehounds) and are completely useless.

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  • Guest - Jason Vanderlinde

    The moment this happens everyone will drop the PlayStation brand like a brick. They still have the vastly inferior network. People call it NOTwork. LOL, because of all the downtime every month. Sony just sucks and if they start asking any money for their basic features it'll truly be byebye for the PlayStation brand. Sony is already on its last legs and nearly bankrupt financially with 139 Billion dollars in liabilities and debt. Making more awry business decisions like this and the Vita will kill them very fast!

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  • Guest - avengers1978

    No Xbox needs to adopt sony's price model...OF FREE... <br />I pay for PS Plus, but hell they give you games, I have totally come out ahead of the yearly fee for plus, with the amount of free stuff I get. <br />I Think Sony needs to improve on things like there network going down, sometimes everything on my Playstation works except for the store... its frustrating. <br />I'm pretty sure xbox would have a higher % of there players online if they could at the very least play games online for free... <br />Other than making people pay for it xbox live and PSN are the same, they both offer tons of content other than gaming, they both have problems, and the both could be better, but then again Playing games on pc online also has it's issues... we can all agree on one thing nintendo needs to do some serious catching up when it comes to online gaming.

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