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Sony’s Need to Adopt Xbox LIVE Pricing Model Evident

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Sony's PlayStation Network has come a long way since its debut on the PlayStation 3 and has consistently received praise for remaining free unlike Xbox LIVE, Microsoft's competitor. While this is an excellent aspect of the PlayStation Network for PlayStation gamers, the negative results have had its showing throughout the past and just recently with an announcement from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

I understand that we would all much prefer to spend $60 on a game rather than be required to spend that $60 just to access the online network provided via a game console, but is that small annual charge justified when studios are left with no choice but to shut down their servers due to the cost of maintaining the infrastructure? Isn't it more upsetting to spend $60 on a game to find out later on that online multiplayer is being stripped from the game?

Watch as I provide my input on the servers being shut down and why I feel Sony's need to adopt the Xbox LIVE pricing model is evident. Online gaming used to be a realm free to all, but that time has passed and I explain why this is the case.

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