What the Hale

hkhk What the Hale? Episode 19: E3 2014

What the Hale? Episode 19: E3 2014

You know you’re confident when you don’t wear makeup in your video and you don’t even give a fuck. HA! After a long, exhausting week at E3, I return to my hellhole in NJ and talk about the highlights (and lowlights) of the expo. Plus, Bronson says ‘Swag” and calls

hkhk What the Hale? Episode 18: Q and A

What the Hale? Episode 18: Q and A

Oh hai therrr!!!! Kairi is back from Paris and now enjoys snails because they are delicious! This week I answer all the burning questions you have every wanted to know that don’t involve my boobies!!


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This week on Playing God, it is Napstablook from Undertale! https://t.co/URnleNKG4g https://t.co/npKa6Q3Wbn
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