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What Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Must Show to "Win" E3 2012 - Unscripted Access Episode #8

Unscripted Access Episode #8

The Gamer Access discusses who we feel will end up on top at E3 2012, Diablo III hitting a pothole at launch, why the delay of Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite is a good thing, and more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access.

E3 2012 is just around the corner and thanks to Jenny Smith, one of our community members, we discuss what we would all like to see from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo and what each company will need to do in order to impress the gaming world. Using the information that has already been given, we predict which company will have the most impressive showing.

Two games which will certainly have a strong presence at E3 2012, but will miss the 2012 year due to delays are Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. While a majority, if not all of TGA are highly anticipating both releases, we discuss why the delay of both titles is actually appreciated.

There is much more covered this week on Unscripted Access, but we will leave it to your ears to find out the rest. As always we wrap up the show answering the various questions received last week from our dedicated audience who enjoyed Unscripted Access Episode #7. Unscripted Access commence!


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  • As always, thanks for your support, JSway and Jonathan! Yeah, Skype was hellbent on keeping us from completing our podcast, so all our energy spent on answering questions and going off on some random topic was taken away by Skype. Lagging internet issues. On the plus side, we all took turns sounding like robots while we figured out what was going wrong! Haha

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  • Guest - tanto

    they won for the last 3 E3's

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  • Guest - Patriots_Pride

    Sony need to show the PS4 <br />MS need to show the 72O <br />Nintendo need to show Zelda: A Link to The Past Wii U <br /><br />But thats wishful thinking and this is E3 2012 <br />Sony VITA games <br />MS Kinect games <br />Nintendo Wii U Call of Duty

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  • Guest - stephmhishot

    Sony can win E3 by wheeling game after game after game out there for the PS3 and Vita, lowing the PS3 to $199 and releasing some $249/$299 Vita bundles with Resistance/8GB Card and a Gravity Rush/8GB Card, plus maybe a Mini and a free movie rental from PSN. <br /><br />Gotta give consumers a taste of everything the Vita can do, a great full game, decent amount of storage, a bite sized Mini and a movie. <br /><br />Oh, plus announcing that PSone games will now be playable on Vita wouldn't hurt either.

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  • Guest - LX-General-Kaos

    The Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U entertainment systems respectively working together to provide an all around engrossing unique Nintendo experience will bring the house down. <br /><br />Nintendo will have an all around complete E3 experience, with exciting exclusive titles for both platforms ready for our viewing pleasure. When PR legend and leader Reggie hits the stage, the crowd will go wild in anticipation of these new software offerings. <br /><br />There have been some exciting rumors as of late building within the Nintendo brand. If even a small percentage of the are true, it will blast Nintendo into the winning position for next months show. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system information blowout alone should be all Nintendo needs for victory and success, but we all know there will be much more. <br /><br />The announcements that will come on both next gen Nintendo platforms should be the one two punch needed to place Nintendo in the number one spot for the second time in a row on the grand stage of E3 2012. June can not come soon enough. <br /><br />Rated E For Everyone

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  • Guest - Young_ART

    Sony's already won it with the stuff we can basically assume will be shown! We don't even know what the surprises are! <br /><br />It's funny how everyone wants to poke fun at sony but the way I see it they're the only ones trying to create new GAMES. that's what its all about! <br /><br />and all that kinect hype was bs.

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  • Guest - Raoh

    I use hulu plus, amazon video and vudu on my ps3 but every other app I use on my apple tv.<br /><br />and I dont have to pay to access them through ms's pay wall. <br /><br />I also use my pc, my pc goes to my hdtv via hdmi and I have a boxee remote that works with most apps as I hate using my keyboard for anything other than typing, that includes gaming. <br /><br />There should be a united front among xbox gamers, where they do not trade in their 360's but either not log on or cancel their memberships for one month at the same time to show that they don't want to pay to access things that are free everywhere else. <br /><br />Xbox charges you and spends more on apps than games because xbox live fees tell ms that that is what their customers want. <br /><br />Don't start talking about how much ms spent on final fantasy or gta, they spent that money to compete with sony not because they love you. <br /><br />Now that third party is pretty much equal releases everywhere, don't expect any more of that investment, its not even a real gme investment, its just paying to get access to the same content. <br /><br />Enjoy your pay to access apps and kinect show at E3

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  • Guest - terantula

    hello Thegameraccess, loving the new podcast that is being put together and like the discussions. a question i have is for nick but how do you take part in a lot of things you do? im not speaking on going to e3 and stuff cause while that is an accomplishment a lot of people do it. i am talking about getting free limousine service, the things you have hinted to on twitter, etc.?

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Idk I think Microsoft learned from that and it's shown with the reliability of the Xbox One......and...
Guest - Tuy
I will never buy an Xbox One after Microsoft screwed me so hard on the Xbox 360 SONY FTW

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