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Vita's Success Reliant on Upcoming Months - Unscripted Access Episode #17

Unscripted Access Episode #17

LittleBigPlanet Karting to race in the same day as Halo 4, Media Molecule to possible unveil completely new experience during gamescom, Sony states "Vita's killer games are still to come", and much much more.

After a week long hiatus due to traveling, The Gamer Access is back again with Unscripted Access and to say that Sony stole the week for news would be a large understatement. Between Gran Turismo 6, LittleBigPlanet Karting, PlayStation Vita, and more, episode #17 of Unscripted Access is filled with PlayStation-related discussions and of course the usual unscripted conversations. With gamescom less than two weeks away, speculation in regards to what will be announced is at its prime and with the many ongoing discussions, this year's gamescom should be nothing short of insane.

There is much more covered this week on Unscripted Access, but we will leave it to your ears to find out the rest. As always, we wrap up the show answering the various questions received from our last episode from our dedicated audience who enjoyed Unscripted Access Episode #16. Unscripted Access commence!


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  • Hahaha I look forward to these intros with each show, this has gotta be the best so far, please keep doing these :-)<br /><br />Resume play!

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  • Guest - faysal

    vita is the most expensive machine out right now so its selling slow.. give it time and it will pick up soon as the great upcoming games are out.. <br />1. ps all star <br />2. COD <br />3. assassin creed <br />4. nfs most wanted <br />5. fifa <br />6. sly <br />7. takken vs streetfighter <br />8. LBP <br />great games and more to come after gamescom..

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  • Guest - CrayT

    Good show again.<br /><br />I am really hoping Sony can make a comeback with the Vita as its an incredible device that has a lot of potential, but right now it feels like a nonexistent device. A question I do have is do you feel while the Vita is powerful for a portable, it will need to be improved very soon with the next iPhone likely being on par with its hardware?

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  • Question/Request for Nick:<br /><br />Nick, is it possible if you can contact David Simpson, Louie Villalobos, Matt Vongthongkham, and Sanii and tell them if they can join in the Unscripted Access podcast as guests since schedual might be a problem for some of them. <br /><br />I would be great to hear from them again one more time. I'm pretty sure the O.G fans would be also happy.<br /><br /><br />Great to see the show back in action.

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  • This episode was classic! I am really excited for PlayStation All-Stars and hope it really becomes a success. I don't want this game to fail to the point to where I struggle to find other players online to play with. I also agree no matter how well the Vita was marketed and executed, the 3DS has the automatic advantage thanks to its targeted audience.<br /><br />Just curious, if you could all change one aspect of the gaming industry, what would it be?

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  • The show never fails to make my shift go by faster so for that, I truly thank you guys and gals. With that said, QUESTIONS!<br /><br />Based off of what you know up to this point, if you could only purchase one of the next generation consoles, which would it be and why?<br /><br />Who is everyone's most hated person in the industry besides Mattrick?<br /><br />How broke does everyone plan on being next year becuase of gaming lol?

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  • ew ew ew.

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  • intro is coooool keep it up guys n gals.<br />i play my vita like every damn day haha but there was like a two week period where it didnt exist to me, and thats just bc i was broke and sick of mortal kombat and zenonia xD<br /><br />if you haz a vita you should check out Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, max level is 9999 (ya im serious) and the story is really funny and so in-depth.<br /><br />probably asked before but what the hell: <br />if you've played on a vita, what is your favorite game so far, and if you haven't, what looks appealing to you?<br /><br />:-)

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