PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Vs. PC Gaming – Unscripted Access Episode #21

Unscripted Access Episode #21

Nintendo announces pricing and release date for the Wii U, Sony hosts their 2012 Tokyo Game Show Conference as we cover live during Unscripted Access, Apple unveils the iPhone 5, and much more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access.

To say this week was enriched with a plethora of video game news would be a large understatement. Nintendo has finally announced the official pricing, bundles, and release date for their successor to the highly successful Wii console and us here at TGA discuss our thoughts on whether or not we agree with the pricing and if we feel it will reach comparable numbers of the Wii. Sony makes sure to invade the media attention, or at least try to, with their Tokyo Game Show Conference as we record providing you guys with a real time analysis of Sony’s announcements. While all of this is taking place, Apple is resting back selling millions of their latest iPhone powered by a monstrous processor that could give the PlayStation Vita a run for its money if Sony does not pick up their focus on the handheld.

We will leave the rest to your ears, but trust me, this is not an episode to be missed. As always, we wrap up the show answering the various questions received from our last episode from our dedicated audience who enjoyed Unscripted Access Episode #20. Unscripted Access commence!

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Written by: Nick McCandless

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  1. Lambo91 September 21, 2012 | Reply
    I highly doubt PS4 will charge you money to play online. I'm not saying it will never happen but for now, nope. Sony are smarter than that. They're the only console that lets you play online for free, they won't loose this name. I'm sorry Nick but the new look of the new model of the PS3 slim looks sexy as hell. I think it's better looking than the fat ps3's and the old slim ps3's. It's okay though everyone has different tastes, the majority of people like big booty's, I prefer small ones. Same situation here, not about the size but about the attraction. Questions: 1. Do you think Bully will ever come to this this gen consoles? 2. Is it possible if I can join the chat on Teamspeak? If so, can you add the teamspeak info every time you post Unscripted Access or somewhere on the site so people can join in the chat? 3. Nick, I've tweeted you this but you have a lot of followers I guess you didn't see it. The reason I'm not logged in to my account is because when I log in to it tells me "You cannot access the private section of this site." What's up with that?
  2. CrayT September 21, 2012 | Reply
    Haha back to the epic intros, love it. Once I got to that section of the podcast I lost it! Seriously though, congrats on whatever is taking place and look forward to hearing more. It's always nice to see people who have worked their tail off come out on top. BTW, come on Bronson really? lol
  3. Jenny Smith September 21, 2012 | Reply
    I always knew Nick had a naughty side to him, that grin on last week's show image proved it lol. Great show and I gotta say, cant agree with you Lambo, the new PS3 is UGLY! Would the look of a console ever keep you from purchasing or sway you towards another console? What's the most attractive console to date? PCs not included since there is so much customization.
  4. JSway September 23, 2012 | Reply
    I love how each show Nick and Bronson butt heads hehe I agree that if Apple was able to come up with a solution for controls for gaming, Sony needs to be worried. Congrats on the move Nick, its truly inspiring to see someone come from the ground up and make it to HOLLYWOOD!!!!! If all console exclusives were also available on PC, do you think PC gaming would become the most popular gaming platform? Can we expect to see TGA make it out to TGS? That would be AMAZING!!!
  5. TurnAroundShot September 23, 2012 | Reply
    Congrats on the move! I am proud to see the TGA crew not respond negatively, at least that I know of, to the change. I know a lot of people would get jealous and just quit, but they are smart and know the type of person you are. Cannot wait to see how things unfold over these next couple years ;) As always, enjoyable show and I look forward to hearing about the new opportunity and the continuation of Unscripted Access!
  6. Solid Snake September 24, 2012 | Reply
    Unlimited detail real-time rendering technology is the idea solution that will resolve the problem developers are facing each gen with gaming in general in this video below... Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!
  7. Alex1873 September 26, 2012 | Reply
    Who knew my name would get me mentioned, GOD I hope I dont live that long! Funny show
  8. Vinny Castanova September 26, 2012 | Reply
    Nick you got me hooked on Dead Trigger, just thought I'd check it out and here I am a few days later playing whenever I have my phone and am not busy, game looks amazing and agree that I have not seen a Vita game of this caliber, visually. Kinda scary. How do you guys feel about the Playstation pr layoff recently as members of the press?
  9. Septic September 26, 2012 | Reply
    I have them all and its PC>>>360>>> PS3 for me It's all down to preferences really. When I do game, I game online a lot and after the PC, the 360 is the console of choice. The PS3 is frustratingly backwards when it comes to online play and playing with mates. I can't even send voice messages? I mean, the original Xbox could do that! Also, I prefer most of the exclusives on the 360. No PS3 FPS comes close to Halo and with Halo 4 round the corner, that is going to take a big chunk of my gaming time. The online portion of games on the 360 are far better imo when it comes to exclusives anyway; Gears of War 3 easily trumps the likes of Uncharted (who's MP is an after-thought anyway) with Horde Mode, Beast Mode and proper MP with dedicated servers etc). Forza with its excellent community support and I just think its a better game than GT (although arguably not as good a simulator) I prefer the PS3 for my fighting games simply because of the controller. Interestingly, most of the Beat em ups actually run better on the 360. Yes, I do have both versions of the games below: Mortal Kombat 9- Loading is MUCH faster (online sync is faster etc) and performs better as well. With the PS3, if you execute an Xray move, you get this odd delay until the Xray move phases out (and the delay is inconsistent) so if you have a combo you can string after the Xray, this really messes your timing up. The 360 is always consistent. Online play is smoother and a more social affair in King of the Hill mode etc. SF2THD: Again, the 360 version is way more smoother. Just try and change the controls during a match on the 360 version compared to the PS3. You get this annoying pause every time. Also, the same goes with the options. Furthermore, the PS3 confuses profiles and the button layouts mapped to them if you play locally. So basically somtimes, it attributes the wrong controls to the wrong player. Street Fighter 4: The loading on the PS3 was maybe 3-4 times longer than on the 360. Still, I've always ended up buying the PS3 vesrion of the game because 1) the PS3 is in my living room and 2) the controller is better for beat em ups. It all comes down to player preference though. The PS3 is the better console for third person games and single player games I find. To be honest though, this has been the generation of multiplatform games so you can't go wrong with either. With MS bagging the likes of GTA, TEKKEN, FINAL FANTASY and now MGS, among other games, you can't really go wrong with either. However, to truly enjoy this gen, you should get all platforms. That way you don't miss out on anything :)
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