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PlayStation 3 "Super Slim" A Curse Microsoft Once Followed - Unscripted Access Episode #15

Unscripted Access Episode #15

PlayStation 3's new 4000 model to follow the curse Microsoft once followed, Grand Theft Auto V emerges among the darkness, Battlefield 4 is officially announced along with beta details, ZombiU to possibly take advantage of Microsoft's SmartGlass feature, and much more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access.

The Gamer Access is back again with more details on the new PS3 model and we discuss why the new model may take Sony down the path that once cursed Microsoft. With gamescom 2012 less than a month away we shall hear the official details soon, but with information straight from the FCC available on the internet, the information discussed is all but confirmed. We continue the conversation by discussing Grand Theft Auto V with recent information provided straight from Rockstar Games along with two new screenshots showcasing the massive world implemented within Grand Theft Auto V along with the improved visuals over its previous iteration.

There is much more covered this week on Unscripted Access, but we will leave it to your ears to find out the rest. As always we wrap up the show answering the various questions received from our last episode from our dedicated audience who enjoyed Unscripted Access Episode #14. Unscripted Access commence!


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  • Guest - Morrigan-Aensland

    I can't wait to buy a ps3 slim 2

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  • Well this is awkward.

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  • "Unscripted Naptime" - A Nick McCandless Production featuring Sarah Jefferson

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  • Guest - bahabeast

    dat intro is catchy! lesson to be learned is do not fall asleep on the podcast or nick will burn you lmfao.<br /><br />i would buy this super slim, think about how cool my systen would run without that big drive in thier im sure can get about or more less heat and noise.

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  • Guest - Vinny Castanova

    Haha lesson to be learned: NEVER fall asleep on a podcast lol that intro was too hilarious.<br /><br />Although short, another good show and have some questions for next time.<br /><br />If any of you saw The Dark Knight Rises, what did you think?<br /><br />Do you feel the PSN will receive a notable upgrade before PS4?

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  • Guest - PAYNEinc85

    Theyre not gonna top the looks of the PS3 slim. The new super slim is fugly compared to the fat boy and the regular slim.

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  • Guest - JohnnyCrockV

    quick question Nick, please do not take in a bad way just curious, I have noticed on many of your videos that you are dressed really nicely whether its a dress shirt or polo, is there a reason why? Just curious, but keep it up, love coming to the site each day for the videos.<br /><br />also amazing intro and solid show

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  • @JohnnyCrockV<br /><br />I'll give you an answer, you don't have to wait till Wednesday. Using my common sense...The answer is, to look professional. If this is not the right answer then you have to wait till Wednesday lol

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  • Forgot to ask:<br /><br />Who is your favourite youtuber?

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  • @JohnnyCrockV - I can answer that fine question my man! You see, Nick is undoubtedly a "Bro" and adheres to the Bro Code. #105 in the Bro Code. A bro must, at all times, suit up.<br />EXCEPTION: Funerals. A suit is a happy thing. If a bro must mourn, he shall do it in a white T-shirt.<br /><br />That is all.<br /><br />And Bronson I think you ARE the only person on the staff that has faith in Nintendo, but that's okay ^_^<br />

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Guest - amywhenderson
my neighbor's half-sister makes $73 /hr on the internet . She has been fired from work for 10 months...

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