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Halo 4 and Assassin's Creed III Challenge 2012 Contenders - Unscripted Access Episode #28

Unscripted Access Episode #28

Halo 4 and Assassin's Creed III impressions, Skyrim's upcoming 'Dragonborn' DLC, Sony hires PS2 emulation engineer, and much more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access.

The Gamer Access is back again with Unscripted Access and thanks to the recent influx of quality video game titles, we have a plethora of discussions and impressions to deliver. News in regards to Skyrim's upcoming 'Dragonborn' DLC has also surfaced and has sparked much excitement among many members of TGA. With PS2 support missing from the PS3, Sony has recently posted a job listing that could possibly assist in bringing such support back into the PlayStation brand.

We will leave the rest to your ears, but trust me, this is not an episode to be missed. As always, we wrap up the show answering the various questions received from our last episode from our dedicated audience who enjoyed Unscripted Access Episode #27. Unscripted Access commence!


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  • Thank you, Nick for bringing my account back from the dead. Speaking of dead, I cannot wit for The Walking Dead blu-ray disc! I have not played a single episode of The Walking Dead because I had a feeling there would be some sort of a digital bundle on PSN and i was kind of right, a disc instead. I'm glad I waited.


    1. When is Mass Effect Trilogy coming out for PS3? I cannot wait to play Mass Effect 1. I never played any Mass Effect games because I'm a PS3 only owner and I don't like to skip game franchises.

    2. My girlfriend is pregnant (condoms don't always work, kids) and while I was preparing the room for the baby in my house couple days ago I was looking at my PS3. My question is, any tips on keeping interest in gaming like I am right now and at the same time take care of the baby? There's tuns of good games coming out and I don't wana miss a single one. Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.

    Great show!

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  • Guest - CommonSenseGamer

    ACIII best of that franchise for sure. Halo 4 is also a superb addition to the franchise, better than 3 and Reach in my opinion.

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  • Guest - CrayT

    These intros never fail to amuse me lol. Great show with great discussions. I am absolutely addicted to Halo 4 and cannot put my controller down, it's consuming me!

    What is everyone's favorite multiplayer map and game mode?

    How would you rate the story and multiplayer 1-10?

    What's the next fps everyone is looking forward to?

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  • Welcome back Britney, but you might want to take it a little easy lol listeners who haven't listened to you might consider you rude, especially leaving just a few minutes before the end.

    Anyways great show and thanks for continuing to answer our questions. When do you guys think The Last of Us will release?

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