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Briefly More Valuable – Unscripted Access Episode #184

Pokemon Go success makes Nintendo more valuable than Sony, the GeForce Titan X Pascal graphics card was announced, overall game console sales were down, and NPD reports the top ten selling games of June 2016. At least for now, Nintendo is more valuable than Sony thanks to the success of

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Death Star Entrance Fee – Unscripted Access Episode #183

Nintendo announced a new preloaded NES console, vinyl media gets a small boost with the Rocket League and Killer Instinct soundtracks, Sony and Microsoft will not have press conferences at Gamescom 2016, and Star Wars: Battlefront will officially receive an offline skirmish mode. For those seeking for an inexpensive way

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Opening the Horizon – Unscripted Access Episode #182

Microsoft Studios games in the future will all be on Xbox Play Anywhere, PS4 wireless controller will have a PC-compatible adapter, Nintendo thought it would sell 100 million Wii Us, and AMD and NVIDIA announced their mid-range graphics cards. We are loaded with commentary with this episode of Unscripted Access,

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Post E3 2016 – Unscripted Access Episode #180

With E3 2016 concluded, Bremenn, Anthony, and John gave their closing impressions of how they felt E3 went as well as some of their favorite games from the show floor! We will leave the rest to your ears, but trust me, this is not an episode to be missed. Unscripted

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The Console Rumor Pot Stirs – Unscripted Access Episode #177

Uncharted 4 breaks first-week first-party sales records for the PlayStation 4 platform, the reason for the rumored PS4 Neo’s existence was reported, Xbox may have two new models in the next year, and Total War: Warhammer became best-selling in the franchise. SPOILER ALERT! Unfortunately, we got a little carried away

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Everything Is a Deathtrap – Unscripted Access Episode #176

The TGA staff gave much clearer impressions on their experiences with Uncharted 4, a piece of artwork from the next Destiny expansion was leaked, Gran Turismo Sport has a release date, and Grand Theft Auto V still has not stopped selling. This week, we actually finished Uncharted 4 and can

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Grouping Up in Person! – Unscripted Access Episode #175

TGA gave its very early impressions of Uncharted 4, Overwatch scored some really good numbers during their most recent beta run, Pokemon Sun and Moon starters have been announced, and Civilization VI will be coming out this year. We hope you enjoy this podcast episode because three of us got

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Tin Can Hosting – Unscripted Access Episode # 174

NVIDIA announced their new GeForce 1000 series graphics cards, Battlefield 1 was unveiled and will take place in World War I, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remaster will only be available with Infinite Warfare, and Persona 5 got a new trailer and a Japanese release date. First, we need

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Beware of Early Spoilers! – Unscripted Access Episode #173

The upcoming Nintendo NX game console will be released in March 2017, PlayStation 4 sold nearly 18 million units over a one-year period, Xbox 360 console has concluded production, and Uncharted 4 was shipped early to some people. This week on Unscripted Access, the news and rumors surrounding upcoming consoles


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