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The Perfect Arrival – Unscripted Access Episode #172

Uncharted 4 will have Plunder Mode return for the multiplayer, Square Enix will produce more Collector’s Editions for Final Fantasy XV, Xbox One was reported to have sold 18 million systems, a petition was created to convince Blizzard to create legacy World of Warcraft servers, and the rumors of PlayStation


Ha-wairayuha – Unscripted Access Episode #169

Driveclub developer Evolution Studios closed, Yakuza 0 is planned for early 2017, SXSW had their 2016 video game awards, and Nintendo denied that the Wii U had discontinued production. The two of us managed to sit together in the same room! Kicking things off, the developer of Driveclub, Evolution Studios,


Just a Little Quieter at E3 – Unscripted Access Episode #166

Disney, Wargaming, and Activision will not be attending E3 2016; Sony patented a “glove controller” for PlayStation, Mass Effect Andromeda got delayed to 2017, and Nintendo announced discounted prices older titles. Things are going to be just a bit more quiet at this year’s E3 because Disney, Wargaming, and Activision


EA is Out of E3 – Unscripted Access Episode #162

EA will no longer be attending E3, the Arbiter has been announced as one of the new characters in Killer Instinct, Xbox One is estimated to be at 19 million units sold, and the Mighty No. 9 gets delayed for the third time. Big hitting news! EA will no longer


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