TGA GameKraft GameKast Episode 73: Visual Novels…and Games

TGA GameKraft GameKast

Pegan Pride day happened a little while back, and Bronson and Joe reflected on their experience there. Bronson and Joe discussed much about the upcoming local anime Snafu Con. Ashton also talked about his experience on OkCupid. Joe talked a lot of visual novels that are games that people do not know about. Bronson and I discussed about why PC may once again be relevant, and led the group to a really long conversation on exactly how much of an impact the next-gen will have graphically. Close to closing the episode, we borrowed another gaming site’s topic about what is a game review. Yep, we had huge amounts of stuff to talk about as this episode runs nearly four hours!

NOTE: There are spoilers for The Walking Dead: Episode 3! The spoiler starts at 1 hr mark to 1 hr 12 min.

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Written by: Nick McCandless

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  1. Vinny Castanova September 25, 2012 | Reply
    Hahahahahahah the Gamekast has become an alternative to Unscripted Access lol you guys should Nick about his stance on posting himself online to have dudes compliment him lol. Ashton, are you coming out or just messing around? Not that I care just wondering
  2. CrayT September 25, 2012 | Reply
    Love seeing the console vs. pc debate transfer over lol
  3. Ashton Holiday September 27, 2012 | Reply
    Haha no problem Vinny! Yeah, I came out earlier this month.
  4. t8ankyun December 29, 2012 | Reply
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