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PS3.5 A Possibility, Forza 4 Revealed, Mass Effect 3 Unveiled -Nick's Gaming View Episode #34

Nick's Gaming View Episode #34

On Nick's Gaming View Episode #34, I cover this week's latest news including the unveiling of Forza Motorsport 4 and the announcement of Mass Effect 3. I also talk about the recently published patent from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan which hints towards a PS3.5. This is Nick's Gaming View! Check out the video show in all of its glory below, or just listen to the mp3 file.

NOTE: After reviewing the show, I noticed that I claimed Prototype 2 was announced by THQ when it is being published by Activision. I apologize for the false communication.


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  • One thing.....<br /><br />Prototype is not made or published by THQ....it's pub. by Activision

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  • Whats up Nick,Hey buddy another great show..Like I said before improvement,improvement,improvement.That your show and website has been.i agree with JustMe on the phrases though lol...<br />Mass Effect 2 on PS3 is a must buy..Anybody that enjoy action adventure/RPG this game is a must buy.No more excuses for not getting the real GOTY....Then on top of that an enhance version :D:-):-):-)<br /><br />A.I. or not Uncharted 3 will still be the best franchise on the PS3..I would say having another character to control on improves the overall experience.

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  • farking hypocrite much?<br />you are saying other people's opinion are ass and you are giving Nick an opinion on what to say "fragment market". gtfo!<br /><br />anyway...thanks for the comment.<br />Yo man...just keep doing this, your site as greatly improved man!<br /><br />Also one thing...back when I last saw your show, you usually say you would get in touch with a PR or publisher when ever a disturbing news occurs or rumour occurs. However I/we never heard anything from you because you said you would contact them.<br /><br />I was thinking...before you make your weekly gaming recap, why don't you get in touch with a PR/publisher and once you get a reply, you can use that reply on your show.<br /><br /><br />Also listen man...you should focus some of your news on what is seriously going on in the gaming industry. I hate N4G man...they constantly post trash news about games<br />"top 10 sexy females", "best games on ps3", "why mass effect 3 will suck",etc<br />they are all constant bullsh*!

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  • WOW! People like you are the ones who drive me to work my tail off each week on my show. I'm going to keep pushing to improve my show and all I ask for is continued support and feedback.

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  • Sorry about that man. I do not know why THQ popped into my mind instead of Activision.

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  • What's up my man! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I will continue to strive to improve my presentation and will be sure to take JustMe<br />'s advice on the repeats.

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  • I appreciate the feedback and the PR stuff is coming ;-)

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  • Guest - Darryl Genesis

    Not looking forward to Mass Effect 3. Since I'm not really a Mass Effect fan. I've played the Mass Effect 2 demo ,and wow what a waste of time.

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  • I loved the show! It summed up almost everything from the past few weeks. Enjoy the holidays man :]! I can't wait for Killzone 3, it's going to be out in a few months. Unfortunately for me, my ps3 decided to get the YLOD :[. I'll get it fixed or get a new one. The new Elder Scrolls is a continuation of Oblivion, and I'm predicting that they will have move support for it. Imagine how imersive that would be? Again, a great show and your hard work pays off man!

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  • Guest - sidra

    For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.
    mba application essays

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