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PlayStation's Future Dictated by Killzone 3 Experiment? - Nick's Gaming View Episode #65

Nick's Gaming View Episode #65

PlayStation experiments with Killzone 3 multiplayer utilizing the à la carte business model, Mass Effect 3 harnesses downloadable content fiasco, PlayStation attempts to defend PlayStation Vita’s backwards compatibility support with PSP’s UMD titles, and more. Nick’s Gaming View Episode #65 is enriched with the week’s hottest gaming news featuring I, Nick McCandless, as the host to deliver and expand on the gaming industry’s ongoing events.

With Mass Effect 3’s launch less than two weeks away, the level of anticipation for Bioware’s upcoming release is at an all-time high, but due to a recent announcement unveiling a day one DLC offering, many gamers have turned sour towards the upcoming release and feel as if the DLC should have been included within the game at launch. Casey Hudson, Director of Mass Effect 3, responds to the criticism and provides the “true story” behind the release of the day one DLC pack.

To go along with the frustration of Mass Effect 3’s day one downloadable content, the PlayStation Vita is officially available in all three major regions with PlayStation fans enjoying the PS3 experience within their very own hands, but those who invested heavily in a UMD-filled PSP library remain upset that despite Japan having a method of converting UMDs over to the Vita, those residing in North America and Europe are left in the cold. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has responded to the situation with an attempt to justify PlayStation’s decision.

Along with the launch of PlayStation Vita, Sony has unveiled their plans to execute the à la carte business model with last year’s PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3. Designed to provide gamers with the online multiplayer experience at no cost……to a certain extent, Killzone 3 serves to act as an experiment that just may evolve into a strategy used in the future. As always, Nick’s Gaming View Episode #65 is filled with a schedule no gamer should miss out on, as who wants to be the uninformed gamer on the net? Make sure that is not you by watching the show. This is Nick’s Gaming View!


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  • Guest - Alex1873

    Hello once again TGA! Not sure if you guys remember me from a few months ago when Britney Parks posted her first ever post here on TGA and I declared my opinions on the matter not only with Britney, but Nick and the staff as a whole. While it came as no surprise, much of the staff disagreed with what I had to say and despite this, I have continued to follow TGA because of the passion and hard work Nick dedicates to the site.<br /><br />Once again, you all disagreed with me, but at this point it is pretty clear I was right about the entire situation. The fact that Nick is producing more content by himself than the entire staff while still managing things on the backend and communicating business deals is beyond me. Honestly, how the hell is someone who is still furthering his college education, taking on a job, arranging partnerships with HUGE media companies, and more producing more content than people who may have just a job or school or even worse has ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (no name dropping, but its obvious who that is) combined?! It's simple.....<br /><br />Nick is the MOST PASSIONATE and DEDICATED member of TGA and easily has more passion than the entire staff combined. This is truly sad as I know if TGA had 5+ people with the drive Nick has, TGA would already be a business and Nick would be living his dream, but no, his staff just posts a lil something whenever they feel like it and call it a day. <br /><br />You may be like "why the hell is this Alex guy taking the time to 'hate' on us?" It's not hate AT ALL! Its the straight truth! In fact, let's look at CES! An event that people have held dreams of attending and have been willing to do something out of the ordinary to attend, Britney is able to attend being with the site for only a couple months and I have no problem with that and DO NOT throw me in the same boat as that douche on Twitter that's a sexist prick as I love females who know what they are talking about in this industry. For example, I could not be happier to see Nick and Jessica attend E3 and work together to produce content for TGA.<br /><br />The difference is, its clear who is more passionate of the two, its clear who worked harder at the event, and its clear who is an overall better asset to TGA. Jessica showed enthusiasm in her interviews, she interacted with whomever she was interviewing and guess what. SHE ASKED QUESTIONS! Isn't that what an interview is?! Not to Britney obviously, but I have went on for too long. I hope you guys enjoy slackin off with the opportunity provided to you, but when that day comes that Nick is given the opportunity he deserves, I sure as hell hope you guys dont look at him expecting him to allow you to take part. Peace out and I look forward to reading your responses, thats if you even have the nerve to.

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  • Alex,<br />Could you please create an account so that I can send you a private message? I feel that this section should be reserved for comments over the topics Nick covers in his show. All other topics should be posted in the forums and will be responded to properly. <br /><br />Thank you, <br />Britney Parks

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  • Account created Britney

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  • I got my PS vita and I tell you what, this device is an absolute Monster! I am on chapter 20 of Uncharted and I swear my mouth has been wide open 90% of the time. To see what this portable device is able to with a launch title only hypes me up to see where things can go from here! Just imagine playing Gran Turismo, God of War, the next Uncharted, Bioshock, and more on this device!<br /><br />I didnt really care for KZ3s online as I felt it was too slow and sluggish for me, but I would love to see Sony try this out with titles such as Uncharted 2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse since they have been out for awhile.<br /><br />Keep up the good work bro

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  • i see your followings gettin bigger!

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  • i see your followings gettting bigger

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  • Guest - Blackburn

    Love the show man, keep it up

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  • Guest - Abraham1989

    I am also a fan of Killzone 3's multiplayer and hope this sparks interest back into the game! Ever since MW3 came out the amount of players has drastically dropped which is sad because KZ3 is clearly the better game!<br /><br />Also, I'm looking forward to getting my Vita soon so I can play Killzone 3 on the go!

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  • Awwwww, thanks Jenny! Look for episode #66 to drop later today ;-)

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  • Thank you for your continued support! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Vita. Ever since I got my hands on the device for the very first time at E3, I was blown away and knew it would be a shock to many gamers.

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