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PlayStation's Future Dictated by Killzone 3 Experiment? - Nick's Gaming View Episode #65

Nick's Gaming View Episode #65

PlayStation experiments with Killzone 3 multiplayer utilizing the à la carte business model, Mass Effect 3 harnesses downloadable content fiasco, PlayStation attempts to defend PlayStation Vita’s backwards compatibility support with PSP’s UMD titles, and more. Nick’s Gaming View Episode #65 is enriched with the week’s hottest gaming news featuring I, Nick McCandless, as the host to deliver and expand on the gaming industry’s ongoing events.

With Mass Effect 3’s launch less than two weeks away, the level of anticipation for Bioware’s upcoming release is at an all-time high, but due to a recent announcement unveiling a day one DLC offering, many gamers have turned sour towards the upcoming release and feel as if the DLC should have been included within the game at launch. Casey Hudson, Director of Mass Effect 3, responds to the criticism and provides the “true story” behind the release of the day one DLC pack.

To go along with the frustration of Mass Effect 3’s day one downloadable content, the PlayStation Vita is officially available in all three major regions with PlayStation fans enjoying the PS3 experience within their very own hands, but those who invested heavily in a UMD-filled PSP library remain upset that despite Japan having a method of converting UMDs over to the Vita, those residing in North America and Europe are left in the cold. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has responded to the situation with an attempt to justify PlayStation’s decision.

Along with the launch of PlayStation Vita, Sony has unveiled their plans to execute the à la carte business model with last year’s PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3. Designed to provide gamers with the online multiplayer experience at no cost……to a certain extent, Killzone 3 serves to act as an experiment that just may evolve into a strategy used in the future. As always, Nick’s Gaming View Episode #65 is filled with a schedule no gamer should miss out on, as who wants to be the uninformed gamer on the net? Make sure that is not you by watching the show. This is Nick’s Gaming View!

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