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Official: God of War Will Return with A Vengeance, Kratos’ Existence Unknown – Nick’s Gaming View Episode #48

Nick's Gaming View Episode #48

Hello everyone and welcome back for another episode of Nick’s Gaming View where I cover the latest gaming news and events throughout the industry. Today is the day we have all been anticipating as I introduce God of War 3’s Game Director, Stig Asmussen to the show to speak on his experiences with the God of War franchise as well as the future of the series. Throughout the interview Stig provides exclusive news and hints towards the future of the franchise Kratos built and takes interest in an idea that you will have the opportunity to expand on for Stig Asmussen himself.

Along with the epic world exclusive interview with Stig Asmussen, to sweeten the show even more, I am hosting a God of War-related contest in which the details are revealed during the show. Be sure to take part in this contest and you may be one of the lucky ones to score a ………. I’ll just let you watch the show and find out ;)

I also cover Nintendo’s immediate response to the poor launch of the 3DS with a massive price drop. Could this lesson learned play a role in the pricing for the Wii U? Only time will tell, but let’s all hope so! The discussion of Halo 4 was also sparked again during a panel held at the San Diego Comic-Con last week and I speak on the brief details provided in regards to the age of the Halo 4 project. More than any other week, this is not the show to miss. Have you been aching to know whether God of War is truly finished or not? What are you waiting for? Click play below and find out officially from the Game Director himself. This is Nick’s Gaming View!

Nick McCandless - Nick's Gaming View Episode #48


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  • Guest - MAIZIZ

    What is it about God of War IV ?<br />I do not understand English very well sorry

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  • I have received some pretty interesting ideas in my e-mail inbox. It's going to be tough choosing two out of the 45+ contestants so far.

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  • Thanks man! Glad to hear that you enjoyed this week's show!

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  • Appreciate the feedback. When you say I need to work on my wording can you please expand on that for me please? I am always striving to become better and any advice you can give would be VERY much appreciated.

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  • Awesome! Glad to see international users finding TheGamerAccess.com! Stig did not say it would be God of War IV necessarily, but did say there will be more God of War!

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  • Guest - MAIZIZ

    Thank you ! :-)

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  • Guest - MAIZIZ

    What he said about the new god of war , please ?<br /><br />Thank you.

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  • Everyone already knows that there is more God of War coming. This is neither "exclusive" or "News". Though your efforts are commendable, its just another interview where a developer gives vague hints at something we already knew.

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  • Just your tone of voice and that way you sound like a black guy at some points, not to be rude but if you want my feed back there it is.

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  • Guest - cobra

    if u dont understand english go back to where u came from idiot

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