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Larger PlayStation 3D Displays, Sony Says “Stay Tuned ;)” – Nick’s Gaming View Episode #43

Nick's Gaming View Episode #43

Hello everybody, I’m back! After spending the past two months preparing for E3 2011, making things happen to further expand my outreach, and much more, I am happy to return with the weekly show many of you guys and gals have come to love, Nick’s Gaming View. With Nick’s Gaming View Episode #43 ending the long hiatus that took place, I am glad to be back at it again with the production of Nick’s Gaming View. While my trip to Los Angeles for E3 2011 will be a trip I will never forget for many reasons, it has come and gone, but I am now rebounding full force in preparation for a plethora of collaborations and other deals in the works ;). I would like to thank you all for your continued support of TheGamerAccess.com and Nick’s Gaming View and am here to tell you that things are about to be taken to the next level and cannot wait for you all to experience this long, mysterious path ahead of me as deals begin to come to fruition.

With that said, I am back at it harder than ever and to start it all off, Nick’s Gaming View Episode #43 is now LIVE below! As the host of Nick’s Gaming View, I cover the announcements and debates dealing with Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, speak on the community’s reactions to Battlefield 3 gameplay and details, cover the upcoming Uncharted Collection releasing next month, and wrap up the show with an exclusive interview with Sony’s Product Manager for Bravia Televisions, Rob Rodriguez. Rob and I discuss what Sony has to offer for the market not only in 2011, but the years to come.

No gamer should miss out on episode #43 of Nick’s Gaming View, let alone any episode, as I speak from the perspective of one who attended E3 2011 as a member of the media along with an exclusive interview featuring exclusive information from Sony’s Product Manager for Bravia Televisions. If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Click play below to begin your viewing experience. This is Nick’s Gaming View!

Nick McCandless - Nick's Gaming View Episode #43


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  • I cant wait to see whats in store

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  • Great episode Nick! It's nice to see the show back! The E3 coverage and interviews were amazing, and it was hilarious to see Jessica Nigri starstruck. I completely agree with you on the PC version of Battlefield. Who wouldn't expect it to be better? And it's not any different in content, it's just an enhanced gameplay visually and performance wise. Sony's new line of TV's is simply stunning! It's highly likely that I will get one this year because of their great technology! Keep the good stuff coming, I'll see you on the 28th Nick ;-)!

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  • Honestly, Sony's 3D hasn't wowed me yet. It's too expensive at the moment.<br /><br />I don't expect the Wii U to be more than $300 at launch. I assume it's hardware is somewhat equal to Xbox 360's and PS3's, so that makes me think the actual console is worth about $150-$200. The tablet looks cheap too. It's been confirmed it's not multi-touch. It might be the same tech as on the Nintendo DS, just bigger.<br /><br />Still, it's gonna be the games that will sell the console. It's been confirmed they are working on a new Pikmin game for the Wii U. You can bet your bottom dollar I'm excited about that. :-)

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  • First off congrats on the promotion deal man! I really hope it helps you and takes you far. <br /><br />Overall I really enjoyed this episode. I really enjoy hearing you opinions about things you've seen in person and the interview was pretty good even though I didn't care much since I'm not looking for a new TV ATM and don't know much about TVs to being with spec wise.:P<br /><br />I myself am not sold on the Wii U yet. The name is pretty bad IMO, but that doesn't matter really. I would've liked to actually see some game running there in HD instead of just tech demos. However I'm pretty sure it should be pushing out some pretty impressive visuals. The concept with having the screen on the controller is nice, however it isn't enough to make me want one. I'm not a huge fan of Nintendo's franchises and so far all the games I'm interested in on it are multi-platform games that'll be launching on the Wii U about six months after the PS3/360 launch. I'll have no need to buy them on the Wii U. Plus I'm a bit worried Nintendo is going to mess up on the service. I really wish they gave some more solid details on it. The price is going to also be an issue. Like you said Nintendo likes to make money off of their consoles. The system itself probably costs around $300 or so to make just like a PS3. The controller will make the difference, adding at least $100 to that. That is $400 at least. I'm not about to spend that much on a console that has very few exclusive games I'm interested in. I'd much rather spend about that much or a little more on the PS4.<br /><br /><br />I was a little shocked myself at how much console gamers were complaining about BF3 not looking as good. I myself have ALWAYS gamed on consoles and wasn't surprised at all when I saw it. Of course it wasn't going to look as good. Like you've said, what console game has ever looked better than the PC version of it? I don't understand why people complain so much about the difference between 1080p and 720p. I'm playing games like Uncharted 2 in 480p or so (old HD TV that can do 1080i, but I don't allow it do to lag) and they still look great IMO. BF3 looks great on consoles and there is no reason to complain about it. I however don't like the way Dice was insulting console gamers some over it. They could've handled the situation better, but I really don't care. My biggest complaint about the console version is the 24 player MP instead of 64. I'm hoping they find a way to bump it up to at least 32 before launch. Non the less the game will be amazing on ALL platforms.<br /><br />I unfortunately can't see 3D due to my eyesight, but from hearing opinions about it, it is quite obvious 3D is the future for gaming. It really is great to hear that Sony is pioneering it of sorts for gaming. The "Playstation" TV shown was pretty impressive. I knew about this a couple months ago due to patents, but it is great to see that they're brining it to the market so soon. I enjoy playing games with friends on the same console, but hate having to split the screen in half. That TV will solve that problem for those like me who can see 3D. I'm going to miss out on all the 3D craze, but I'll most likely be able to enjoy holographic gaming.:P<br /><br /><br /><br />At E3 Sony was the one who impressed me the most overall. They showed the games like Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Twisted Metal, StarHawk, etc that will give me hundreds of hours of enjoyment on the PS3. The Vita though has always been interesting to me, but I kept from getting too hyped about it due to all the rumors about a high price point. As soon as I heard $249 though I was sold. The hardware and built in features are amazing in my opinion and the software line-up is already great. It'll for sure be a day one buy for me. My only disappointing about Sony were that they didn't announce any new games for the PS3 that no one had a clue about, like Twisted Metal last year. Plus there wasn't a hardcore Move title that'll make me buy one yet.<br /><br />I agree that Microsoft focussed too much on Kinect. The Ghost Recon gun customization with it looks cool, but I can do everything much faster with a controller. Gears 3 looks good, but I'll take Uncharted 3 over it any day. Halo 4 will most likely be great, but it'll be a year before we hear/see anything from it again, so I'm not hyped at all for it.<br /><br />Nintendo has never been my cup of tea in recent years. Their games just don't interest me. I don't have a 3DS and am not planning on getting one anytime soon due to the Vita and the Wii U didn't show any exclusives that'll justify the price for me. So they were probably my least favorite.<br /><br />The third parties like EA and Ubisoft did great. BF3 will for sure be the best FPS this year and the new Assassin's Creed looked great too. Far Cry 3 was a surprise for me. That great really does look like it'll be great.<br /><br /><br />So overall Sony won the show for me. <br /><br /><br />Overall though you did a great job Nick. Keep up the great work and keep those exclusives coming!

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  • @Pikmin<br />Industry specialist say that the Wii U is probably going to cost ~$400

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  • Glad to hear that you enjoyed Nick's Gaming View Episode #43! You already know it's going down tomorrow on Uncharted 3!

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  • You really do not think the Wii U will cost more than $300 with what they are bringing? That controller alone is probably going to cost them $150 easy! I am definitely curious to see what Nintendo is able to pull off as far as pricing.<br /><br />Of course Pikmin would sell you on the Wii U LOL

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  • Wow! I greatly appreciate the time you have put into this comment!<br /><br />The partnership with Dailymotion is only the beginning and tomorrow stay tuned as one of my next moves with this partnership may be unveiled.<br /><br />I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the show! Is this the first episode of Nick's Gaming View you have seen?<br /><br />I enjoyed reading through your ideas and impressions on what I spoke on. I appreciate the support and cannot wait to bring you guys my next episode!

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  • Thanks for the episode, Nick. Informative. And, congratulations on your partnership announcements.<br /><br />Looking forward to getting back on the weekly schedule.

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