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Kratos to Extend Upon Ascension on GT.TV for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? – Nick’s Gaming View Episode #68

Nick's Gaming View Episode #68

Kratos prepares to rebirth chaos on PlayStation 3, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from rumor to reality, Prey 2 cancellation accusations denied, and more. It has been an insane week within the gaming industry despite E3 2012 taking place less than two months from today. Ever since my interview with Stig Asmussen during the summer last year, gamers around the nation have eagerly anticipated any further news on the future of the God of War franchise, and while not much has been discussed, I provide you with what I do know and when we should expect more news to evolve.

Along with the announcement of God of War: Ascension, an undebatable AAA PS3 exclusive, Sony is not stopping there as this Thursday, April 26th, Sony is set to unveil another PS3 exclusive with gameplay for the very first time. While we will likely have to wait until the 26th for the official word on what else Sony has up their sleeves, I feel it is pretty safe to say that it is the title fans of the PlayStation platform have been crying for, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PlayStation’s spin-off of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise. I provide you with the inside scoop on why I am confortable stating this and request the audience become involved with my “Question of the Week” related to this project.

To top it off, a title in which many gamers feared was cancelled due to discussions released onto the internet has been confirmed as a delayed title that will miss the 2012 year in order to meet quality standards. I also announce the winner of the 750gb Seagate Momentus XT Hard Drive that I presented within my giveaway last week on Nick's Gaming View Episode #67, Matt Marquez. Congratulations to Matt and I look forward to him joining the Hybrid Gamer demographics. As with every episode, Nick’s Gaming View Episode #68 is filled with a line-up of content no gamer should miss out on, as who wants to be the uninformed gamer on the net? This is Nick’s Gaming View!


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  • Guest - Hatersball

    Cannot wait to see Sony finally offer their fans what they have been patiently waiting for. I would love to see Cole McGrath vs. Kratos! That would be amazing!

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  • E3 cannot come soon enough! Looking forward to the coverage that you are able to provide as you have gotten better with each event. For PAX East 2012 it was almost overwhelming (in a good way of course) the amount of interviews you captured. I already know E3 is gonna be nuts! As far as the battle goes, I would love to see Sly Cooper vs. Jak!

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  • I agree Nick, why wouldn't Sony announce the new God of War at E3 with it being just a month and a half away? And then possibly PlayStation All-Stars later this week? Maybe Sony has too much to show during E3 :P<br /><br />I would love to see Nariko (even though she has only been in one game) go up against Kratos. That would be some chaos there.<br /><br />I am hoping you get to play the next God of War in June so you can tell us about it :-)

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  • Guest - ignitedFLAME

    For someone who is not hired by a company with a large amount of assets in production, your presentation is off the charts! Keep it up!

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  • Guest - Archful

    not bad......

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  • Hopefully, GoW Ascension is a co-op-based game and not some ass Move title.

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  • Guest - CrayT

    I'll be honest, I thought the God of War set to announce would be for the Vita, but hey I'm not complaining! Love the PS3!<br /><br />For the battle, Helghast vs. Chimera!

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  • Gotta give it up to ya man. You are featured across ALL channels on Dailymotion.com. Head to the website and you are the top video on the homepage, gotta love seeing you blowing up!

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