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Grand Theft Auto V's Environment Exceeds Rockstar Trio - Nick's Gaming View Episode #100

Nick's Gaming View Episode #100

Grand Theft Auto V’s massive scale exemplified, Halo 4’s day one sales released, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s crucial partnership with YouTube uncovered, THIS IS NICK’S GAMING VIEW!

Hello everyone and welcome to Nick’s Gaming View, you are here with your host, Nick McCandless. With Grand Theft Auto V details beginning to pour out on a much more consistent basis, Rockstar Games has released information that even the industry’s best are stunned by. Outlining the environment with beachfronts, wilderness, hills, and more, based on calculations by Art Director, Aaron Garbut, Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos is larger than Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas combined! As one who has experienced the massive scale of all three titles, imagining an environment that exceeds the combination of such titles leaves me speechless.

While we all wait for the latest release in the Grand Theft Auto series, Halo 4 is finally on store shelves and has set a franchise record for the most successful opening day. With over 3.1 million copies sold within the first 24 hours, if Halo’s latest release keeps up, Master Chief’s latest adventure could become the most successful launch for an exclusive console game in video game history. Sure the numbers are impressive, but not too shocking considering the popularity of the Halo franchise. For those hammering hard online building up their stats, Microsoft is hosting a rewards programs titled “Halo 4 Combat Tour” where those who play online multiplayer for over 35 hours will receive 100 Microsoft Points, those who achieve 70+ hours will receive 300 points, and anyone who endures 140+ hours will receive 600 Microsoft Points. Here’s the catch, you have until the end of November, so if you find the $7.50 value worth the day job dedication for the rest of the month, play on.

Wrapping up today’s episode of Nick’s Gaming View, Treyarch, developer behind Call of Duty: Black Ops II, has announced that they have partnered with YouTube for their live streaming feature. Thanks to the deal, gamers will have the ability to stream rounds from their Xbox 360 or PS3 directly onto their YouTube channels. With eSports becoming larger by the month, it’s clear that both Treyarch and YouTube have their eyes on the prize and I’d be shocked to not see other titles follow suit in the near future.

Well that concludes today’s episode of Nick’s Gaming View but be sure to follow me on Twitter @NickMcCandless and check back daily for Nick’s Gaming View for your daily access pass to all things gaming.

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