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Crytek's “The Best Kept Secret in Shooters” Statement Exaggerated? - Nick's Gaming View Episode #67

Nick's Gaming View Episode #67

Crytek hypes "the best kept secret in shooters" despite leaks of Crysis 3 and talks of TimeSplitters 4, Skyrim obtains Kinect support, Resident Evil 6's release date receives an update, 750gb Seagate Momentus XT giveaway and more!

I recently returned from Boston for PAX East 2012 and after days of planning, covering the showfloor, and editing our coverage I am proud to proclaim that the event was a success not only for The Gamer Access, but our wonderful sponsor for PAX East 2012, Seagate. With interviews for Sleeping Dogs, The Secret World, Mario Tennis Open, Quantum Conundrum, and much more conducted onsite at PAX East 2012, we have received numerous compliments from the publishers, developers, and fans and I thank you all for supporting us while we worked beyond our limits to provide you all with the best PAX East 2012 coverage possible.

With that said, I am glad to be back with the return of Nick's Gaming View featuring the week's hottest gaming news along with a giveaway for the viewers. Thanks to Seagate, I am giving away my final 750gb Momentus XT Hard Drive after giving out three during PAX East 2012 and one still up for grabs for Unscripted Access Episode #3. To find out how you can win, simply watch the show, e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your answer to the question, and next week on episode #68 of Nick's Gaming View, the winner will be announced. As always, Nick’s Gaming View Episode #67 is filled with a schedule no gamer should miss out on, as who wants to be the uninformed gamer on the net? Make sure that is not you by watching the show. This is Nick’s Gaming View!


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  • Glad to see Nick's Gaming View back in session, my favorite show on the net with Unscripted Access right behind. Looking forward to TGA covering E3!!!!!!

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  • ^^^ right there with ya! I can't wait for E3!

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  • At this point I really think they will be announcing Crysis 3 although Im confused as to how this is a huge secret. If it turned out to be Timesplitters I would go nuts! I remember playing splitscreen for hours on end with my buds.

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  • Guest - CrayT

    Glad to see you back on the grind with Nick's Gaming View! I listened to the latest Unscripted Access and heard that you are very impressed with Sleeping Dogs. I have been looking into it more and more and my god I can see why! Sleeping Dogs is certainly my favorite game that you guys covered!

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  • Guest - Jonathan Bynum

    Crysis 3 it is! Yea, that was a secret hahahaha

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  • Guest - MarkDWhite

    Very impressed by your work at PAX East 2012, looking forward to seeing you perform at E3 and look forward to future episodes of Nick's Gaming View, very professional and to the point.

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  • Loving the progress you are making! Feels like just yesterday you were launching your show and now look! Approaching 75 episodes, have an attractive set, presentation is spot on, and it seems like your show is everywhere now so congrats!

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