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Bronson's Soapbox Episode 35: Holiday Release Season

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 35

The holiday season is amazing for video games because everything is coming out! There is a problem though. Is it possible to sufficiently play all the big holiday season blockbuster releases, plus some good mid-tier games, in the period between late-August to the end of the year? For a lot of people, that answer is likely no.

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 34: Yearly Releases

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 34

Yearly releases are something most gaming enthusiasts do not enjoy seeing, but it is more than a sore sight. Bronson explains how financially it is not a good idea from a business standpoint, and how it can wear out even the most dedicated fanbase.

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 33: Fixing World of Warcraft

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 33

World of Warcraft has seemed to know how to get people back in and regain big subscription numbers, but also lose them quickly until the next big thing. With the subscription count back under six million active accounts, Bronson took a look back into the past to see how WoW can once again retain its players.

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 32: Destiny

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode32

How much better has Destiny gotten since its disappointing initial weeks in 2014? It got good enough to deserve a second chance.

Bronson's Soapbox Episode 31: Top Five Games of E3 2015

Bronson's Soapbox Episode 31

What were some of the best games that you could have played at E3 2015? For everyone, it depends on taste, but for Bronson, he gives you the list of the top five games that were playable at the biggest gaming news convention.

Bronson Rants Episode 30: Satoru Iwata

Bronson Rants Episode 30

The hot topic the past week comes from comments made by former creative director Adam Orth on always-on game consoles. The problem with this requirement for game systems goes quite further than just Internet connectivity issues, as Bronson rants how those who would do this are potentially shooting themselves in the foot and infuriating the consumers.

Bronson Rants Episode 29: Konami

Bronson Rants Episode 29

With Konami and the outrage over their decisions on Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hills, Bronson explained the business of Konami, which extends far broader than video games.

Bronson Rants Episode 28: How Sony Can Win E3 2015

Bronson Rants Episode 28

Last year, with the popular support and the big advantage, Sony could have blown away all the other announcements made by Microsoft and Nintendo. Instead, it was a good show with some major problems. This year, Bronson goes into depth what he thinks Sony should do this year to “win” E3 2015.

Bronson Rants Episode 27: How Microsoft Can Win E3 2015

Bronson Rants Episode 27

Iffy news, Bronson caught a nasty cold, which caused his voice to weaken. And yet, here is what he thinks needs to happen at Microsoft’s E3 press conference for them to “win” E3 this year.

Bronson Rants Episode 26: How Nintendo Can Win E3 2015

Bronson Rants Episode 1

With E3 2015 just a month away, it is time to put on our gaming analyst hats and decide what it will take for game companies to "win" E3 2015. This week, Bronson discusses what Nintendo needs to do (and shouldn't do) to make their E3 showing awesome.

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