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Bronson Rants Episode 17: And the Winner of E3 2014 Is...

Bronson Rants Episode 17

Bronson discusses who he thinks won E3, along with his beliefs on why this was one of the better E3s.

Bronson Rants Episode 16: Top 5 Games of E3 2014

Bronson Rants Episode 16

On this Episode of Bronson Rants, Bronson has returned from his first ever E3, and surprisingly nothing really bothered him other than the outrageous prices of water at the convention center. So here are the top 5 games he actually played at E3 2014.

Bronson Rants Episode 15: Artistic and Cultural Value of Games

Bronson Rants Episode 15

In this very heavy episode of Bronson Rants, Bronson discusses the value of games in culture and art. He also goes into how games helped him as a child and young adult to become a better person.

Bronson Rants Episode 14: Star Wars, and Let It Die

Bronson Rants Episode 14

Bronson talks about how one of his favorite science fiction franchises just needs to either take an extended break, or be taken out back like Old Yeller.

Bronson Rants Episode 13: Wii U

Bronson Rants Episode 13

Bronson rants on the future of Nintendo, but primarily the Wii U.

Bronson Rants Episode 12: Hype

Bronson Rants Episode 12

Bronson rants on the insane amount of hype that goes on when new consoles launch, all the while asking gamers to come together and just enjoy games in the spirit of all the amazing games released in 2013.

Bronson Rants Episode 11: PS Vita and Wii U

Bronson Rants Episode 11

Bronson Rants about what the Wii U and Vita are doing wrong. He also suggests someways the platforms can turn things around.

Note: Some info in this video are really outdated because big news regarding the Wii U and PS Vita were announced since this recording.

Bronson Rants Episode 10: Con Scalpers

Bronson Rants Episode 10

Bronson Rants on how convention scalpers are bad people that should feel bad.

Bronson Rants Episode 9: Thanks for All the Fish

Bronson Rants Episode 9

Bronson rants on Phil Fish crying too much and needing a thicker skin, but he also tells the Internet to live by Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a dick.”

Bronson Rants Episode 8: Tribute to Ryan Davis

Bronson Rants Episode 8: Tribute to Ryan Davis

Bronson mourns the loss of one of the game industries best entertainers, Ryan Davis. He also thanks Ryan for being a great influence on him and being one of the voices that got him into game journalism. Rest in peace, Ryan Davis. Also fuck pennies.

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