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hkhk bronsons-soapbox-episode-67

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 67: Non-Linear Zelda Games

Since the perfection that is Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda games have followed a linear path, with dungeons performed in an order. With a Link Between Worlds and now the Breath of the Wild, Zelda games are going back to how they were back in the beginning: non-linear.

hkhk bronsons-soapbox-episode-66

Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 66: Bethesda

Bethesda-developed games have some of the most avid fans in the entire industry to the point where it is considered “acceptable” to have pages worth of notable bugs when other games would face scrutiny. Returning to Rant Form for the Soapbox, Bronson rants on Bethesda-developed games.


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