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Bronson Rants Episode 29: Konami

Bronson Rants Episode 29

With Konami and the outrage over their decisions on Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hills, Bronson explained the business of Konami, which extends far broader than video games.

Bronson Rants Episode 28: How Sony Can Win E3 2015

Bronson Rants Episode 28

Last year, with the popular support and the big advantage, Sony could have blown away all the other announcements made by Microsoft and Nintendo. Instead, it was a good show with some major problems. This year, Bronson goes into depth what he thinks Sony should do this year to “win” E3 2015.

Bronson Rants Episode 27: How Microsoft Can Win E3 2015

Bronson Rants Episode 27

Iffy news, Bronson caught a nasty cold, which caused his voice to weaken. And yet, here is what he thinks needs to happen at Microsoft’s E3 press conference for them to “win” E3 this year.

Bronson Rants Episode 26: How Nintendo Can Win E3 2015

Bronson Rants Episode 1

With E3 2015 just a month away, it is time to put on our gaming analyst hats and decide what it will take for game companies to "win" E3 2015. This week, Bronson discusses what Nintendo needs to do (and shouldn't do) to make their E3 showing awesome.

Bronson Rants Episode 25: DLC

Bronson Rants Episode 25

With the release of Mortal Kombat X, there have been some heated annoyances regarding the way of handling DLC. The problems with the abuse of DLC has been going on for some time, so how about a rant on bad DLC in games?

Bronson Rants Episode 24: Indies Will Inherit the Earth

Bronson Rants Episode 24

No, indie games are not going to give the AAA gaming industry a slow and agonizing death. However, with the middle-tier of games slowly falling out of favor and indie games offering near-full game experiences at a lower development and purchasing cost, they may become the bulk of the gaming industry.

Bronson Rants Episode 23: PlayStation Portable

Bronson Rants Episode 23

The PlayStation Portable is now ten years old. Despite the Nintendo DS’s overwhelming dominance, the PlayStation Portable actually sold in very healthy numbers, a vast contrast to the current PlayStation Vita’s predicament. What did the PlayStation Portable do right as Sony’s first portable PlayStation?

Bronson Rants Episode 22: Game Reviews

Bronson Rants Episode 22

No, there is no such thing as an objective review. And no, it is not a good idea to go around playing the “I need reviews to justify my opinion” tactic.

Bronson Rants Episode 21: Game Length

Bronson Rants Episode 21

With the release of The Order: 1886, one of the main criticisms with the game was the length of the game. When is a game too short? When is a game considered having too much filler and padding?

Bronson Rants Episode 20: Nintendo Inventory

Bronson Rants Episode 20

Yes, this is another Nintendo rant, but after the Amiibo shortage that was frustrating, the lengths that it took to acquire a limited edition New Nintendo 3DS XL prompted for another rant.

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