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60 Minute Access: Madden NFL 17

Football season is back! This also means another release of Madden NFL. We took a look at some of the changes the game got this time around, as well as pit two teams with questionable offenses against each other.

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60 Minute Access – Batman: The Telltale Series

Batman apparently does not like PCs very much lately because there are quite a few performance issues. Aside from that, we took a look at the enticing narrative that not only covers the more rookie Batman, but Bruce Wayne’s life as well. We also want you guys to guess Serena’s

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60 Minute Access: King of Fighters XIV

It has been a relatively long time since the last King of Fighters game was released, and now the franchise is back! At the controls is Bremenn to show us all the appealing aspects of this fighting game.

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60 Minute Access: No Man’s Sky

Welcome to the colossal exploration and survival game of No Man’s Sky. Starting with the planet Bronson was on, we explored the wasteland searching for basic materials. We also met with some aliens…that came with a language barrier.

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60 Minute Access: Mighty No. 9

When it comes to major Kickstarter disappointments, Might No. 9 will sadly become the first thing that pops into a lot of gamers’ minds with its disappointing design. Still, we went through this game to see if there is still some of that Mega Man magic still living within.

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60 Minute Access: Red Dead Redemption

It was a long time ago when Red Dead Redemption came out and wowed us completely, and with the Xbox One backwards compatibility adding this game, we checked it out. Still artistically and technologically after all these years, we took a trip down nostalgia lane, got enthralled, and just had

hkhk 60-minute-access-grand-kingdom

60 Minute Access: Grand Kingdom

During this stretch of the summer, we decided to look at the strategy game Grand Kingdom, which has a strategy gameplay type that we have not seen before. Captain of the mercenary group, Bronson recruits his four mercenaries and heads into battle.

hkhk 60-minute-access-pokemon-go

60 Minute Access: Pokemon GO

With Pokemon GO so huge, it was impossible to not make at least one video about this game. With our needlessly complicated setup to record this game, we saw the game broke, and then worked! We went to one of the largest parks in our city while the servers were


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