60 Minute Access

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60 Minute Access: Grand Kingdom

During this stretch of the summer, we decided to look at the strategy game Grand Kingdom, which has a strategy gameplay type that we have not seen before. Captain of the mercenary group, Bronson recruits his four mercenaries and heads into battle.

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60 Minute Access: Pokemon GO

With Pokemon GO so huge, it was impossible to not make at least one video about this game. With our needlessly complicated setup to record this game, we saw the game broke, and then worked! We went to one of the largest parks in our city while the servers were

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60 Minute Access: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Part 3

Our main character is not exactly a superhero, but the many ways she takes out people may make it look like she has some extraordinary skills. Bronson’s skills were put to the test when we had to deliver a small package in less than a minute.

hkhk 60-minute-access-mirrors-edge-catalyst

60 Minute Access: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Part 1

Welcome to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the successor to the original cult favorite from the previous generation of gaming. The setting of this game is a world taken over by megacorporations. First off, we did some tutorials and then took out some security guards.

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60 Minute Access: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

This week on 60 Minute Access, we are trying something new; instead of splitting 60 Minute Access into four parts every week, we are going to test out posting the entire recording! When Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem was announced years ago, it was pretty exciting and at the

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60 Minute Access: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Part 4

The game has options for Japanese or English dialogue, so we simply had to watch a love scene out of context with cheesy English dialogue. We looked at “classic mode” to see how Odin Sphere has changed, and we had to look at even more food!


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