Sony Delivers with Sony Vegas Pro 11 (Review)

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Review

As a member of the media who takes part in various video productions whether it’s my show (Nick’s Gaming View), coverage of an event such as E3, or a video review, having a powerful software application with a wide variety of features is crucial in creating a professional, quality production. Announced during IBC on September 9, 2011, Sony unveiled their plans for their latest offering in video production software, Sony Vegas Pro 11. Sony’s latest release for professional high definition video and audio production, hits the market with a plethora of improvements and an endless supply of possibilities. Read more for the full review!

While utilizing video and audio production software, an intuitive user interface plays the largest role in the producer’s experience. Controlling an efficient workflow allows for seamless video/audio editing helping reduce the stress naturally involved with the production of multimedia. Sony Vegas Pro 11 features a dynamic, highly customizable interface allowing you, the producer, to adjust and arrange the workflow to your individualized preference. Sony Vegas Pro 11 allows the user to dock a collection of windows while working on multiple video/audio segments providing an enjoyable editing experience that greatly reduces the struggle involved in highly involved productions.

Sony Vegas Pro 11

In addition to the updated and improved user interface, Sony Vegas Pro 11 introduces an assortment of new key features and capabilities allowing for a more enjoyable and less time-absorbing experience. For the first time in the Sony Vegas Pro product line, Vegas Pro 11 offers a complete GPU-accelerated mechanism supporting both NVIDIA and AMD graphic processing units to allow for smoother video processing and faster rendering. As one who has used Sony Vegas Pro 10 extensively, I noticed an immediate improvement while previewing video effects, transitions, and raw video imported from a high-definition camcorder. I also witnessed reduced rendering times of nearly 45% allowing me to provide my audience with content sooner than ever before.

Included with the purchase of Sony Vegas Pro 11 for the very first time, NewBlue Titler Pro 3D has greatly enhanced my range of potential as a video producer. Accustomed to the basic text animations provided with Vegas Pro 10, the NewBlue Titler Pro 3D software allows for high production quality text animations/effects along with stylized lower thirds. While a variety of software packages include similar capabilities, the ease-of-use in developing eye-grabbing titles and eye-popping animations is simply amazing. Costing $299.95 alone, the fact that Sony includes such powerful tools with the purchase of Vegas Pro 11, there is no debating the fact that this is the best value Sony has ever offered with the Vegas Pro product line.

NewBlue Titler Pro 3D

In addition to adding to the video production, Sony Vegas Pro 11 allows for the user to enhance the raw footage alone. Featuring effective image stabilization mechanics, Vegas Pro 11 independently analyzes movements on the X, Y, and even Z axis allowing for unbelievable precision and insanely smooth results. Once a feature heavily relied upon within the recording device itself, image stabilization within Vegas Pro 11 provides impressive results that can instantly enrich the quality of your presentation.

To top it all off, Sony further improves upon stereoscopic 3D video editing, through the powerful video/audio editing experience of Sony Vegas Pro 11. With tools integrated to fix vertical and/or horizontal misalignment along with the ability to set the horizontal offset in traditional 2D effects, those looking to produce a quality 3D production are all geared up with Sony Vegas Pro 11.

To go along with the strong offering of video editing tools, Sony Vegas Pro 11 offers a plethora of options while editing audio. Audio is what generally sparks the emotions and portrays the setting for any production out there whether it is a movie, music video, television show, etc. Sony clearly understands the importance of sound as Vegas Pro 11 supplies an impressive showcase of audio tools accommodating for all levels of experience. The multitrack environment provided by Sony Vegas Pro 11 allows for mixing of audio on countless tracks while using impressive effects, record meters, and the ability to capture, monitor, and mix audio from external devices via input busses to create a production that meets the most demanding expectations.

Sony Vegas Pro 11

All in all, the experience Sony Vegas Pro 11 provides for those who take part in professional or casual video/audio production is amazing. With a solid arrangement of video and audio tools, improved algorithms for rendering, and an overabundance of transitions and effects, there is no debating that Sony Vegas Pro 11 offers all that you need to create the productions you desire.

Written by: Nick McCandless

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  1. Carl Borsing November 30, 2011 | Reply
    The future regarding our preferred NLE have never looked better or been more reliable or faster than the newly released Vegas Pro 11. The main reason we love it has mainly to do with it's intuitive workflow, which allows me personally to do faster edits and over all more reliably than working with any other NLE could provide. As a PC user since early age, I have to confess that I've always been reluctant to use other platforms, which for me personally simply would mean switching one set of problem for another. Since I use my PC workstation for so many media related things not to mention the ever so important PC maintenance aspect of keeping my workstation up and running.
  2. Charles124 December 1, 2011 | Reply
    Very well written in-depth review! I have been going back and forth between Vegas and Premiere, but including the NewBlue Titler Pro 3D software might push me over to Sony and abandon Adobe.

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