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Polk Audio SurroundBar 400 CHT Review: A Decibel-Shattering Experience

Polk Audio SurroundBar 400 Component Home Theater Review

The video game industry has evolved immensely over the years thanks to the inclusion of 3D technology, more immersive gameplay experiences, and increasingly powerful hardware developments. Because of this, in order to take full advantage of what the hobby of gaming has to offer, an investment is required as the price of the latest televisions, hardware, and software can make a heavy dent in the wallets of those serious about gaming. Sadly, while gaming is expensive as it is, one of the most important aspects of an immersive gameplay experience, audio, is often ignored.

Gamers tend to focus on the latest and greatest televisions with quality 3D implementation and while this certainly plays a large role in achieving a lifelike gameplay experience, if your visual and audio deliverance is not synchronizing, how true is that immersive gameplay experience you desire? How can you emerge yourself within a video game when it sounds like the action taking place is indeed virtual rather than lifelike? Read more to discover how you can extend past your realm and experience entertainment like never before.

That is why I am here with you today to introduce you guys to Polk Audio’s SurroundBar 400 Component Home Theater. Offering an engaging audio experience that delivers the surround sound experience without the need for sloppy wires and space-consuming speakers, Polk Audio’s SurroundBar 400 Component Home Theater is beyond your average consumer sound system or soundbar. Measuring in at only 2 1/2” in depth and boasting seven 2 3/4" composite mid-woofers, utilizing Polk Audio’s Dynamic Balance technology (stops performance-robbing distortion, and engineered specifically for high performance in this shallow-space enclosure) and three 3/4" silk polymer dome tweeters for realistic imaging and superior detail, Polk Audio’s SurroundBar 400 Component Home Theater delivers a decibel-shattering experience that no product in its class can stand up against.

Unlike the SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater and SurroundBar 6000 I reviewed in the past, Polk Audio’s SurroundBar 400 is indeed a component home theater product meaning it requires an audio receiver/processor. The receiver/processor’s purpose is to process the audio from the selected input and provide power to the SurroundBar 400 to deliver an authentic audio experience without sacrificing performance for convenience. This also allows users to integrate the SurroundBar 400 into their existing surround sound system by utilizing one’s existing surround speakers and replacing their front left, center, and right array speakers with the SurroundBar 400.

Also unlike the two Polk Audio SurroundBars I reviewed in the past, because the SurroundBar 400 is a component home theater product, a subwoofer is not included with the device, but Polk Audio makes it extremely simple to add a wireless subwoofer packing furious punch to take your audio experience to the next level.

Utilizing Polk Audio’s DSWPROWI Subwoofer Wireless Conversion Kit, I was able to wirelessly sync Polk Audio’s DSWPRO 440 wi 8” Subwoofer to the SurroundBar 400 delivering outstanding bass. Offering 180 watts of continuous power output with a range of 360 watts, my video game experience has erupted to levels never heard before. While playing Battlefield 3, I felt the heat of combat with crystal-clear explosions, raging gun fights, and collapsing buildings delivered throughout my gaming atmosphere.

Beyond gaming, Polk Audio’s SurroundBar 400 Component Home Theater delivers a theater-like experience for Blu-ray movie experiences. I know it may be hard to believe due to how sleek Polk Audio designed the SurroundBar 400 Component Home Theater, but after experiencing the action-packed superhero film, The Dark Knight, the experience I had back in 2008 was revolutionized with amplified explosions, intense combat-related effects, and sounds I had never witnessed until experienced with Polk Audio’s SurroundBar 400 Component Home Theater.

Polk Audio’s SurroundBar 400 Component Home Theater is in a league of its own. Delivering incredibly detailed audio combined with exceptional bass thanks to Polk Audio’s DSWPRO 440 wi Subwoofer, not only has my video game experience reached new heights, home entertainment has transformed into an authentic life form.

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  • Guest - ronTrun

    I have been looking at alternatives for my surround sound system as I am trying to take my sound to the next level, so I am definitely going to check this out. Just gotta find a place that has it where I can listen to it first, although you definitely make it seem promising.

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  • Damn Nick you just want me to spend my money till I drop don't you? Lol I am running off of the first SurroundBar that you recommended and now you are pushing me to step up my game!<br /><br />All jokes aside, great review, gotta get my funds up!

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