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Never Realized Potential – Never Gone Review

The iOS store tends to be the wild west of the video game landscape. For every gem like Hearthstone, Ridiculous Fishing, or Infinity Blade. There are three god awful games to ruin the App Store’s reputation. Is 2D beat ‘em up Never Gone a gem or a god awful mess?

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Fun Plus Frustration – Fenix Furia Review

I expected Fenix Furia to be just another 2D Platformer when I dove into this game. With your typical elongated level design, where each stage was get from point A to point B without dying, you could say that wasn’t too far off from correct. Although with games such as

hkhk grand-kingdom-review

Still Looking for a Savior – Grand Kingdom Review

Every time a PlayStation Vita review is sent my way, I am caught hoping that it will breathe new life into the handheld. This time, that game is Grand Kingdom from the folks at Monochrome Corporation. Does Grand Kingdom give us a reason to return to the Vita? Grand Kingdom

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Pleased with the Path – Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and Birthright are the newest 3DS hits in the Fire Emblem series. Both are, in their own way, fantastic games overall, but in this review I’ll be covering Conquest. With easy to learn battle strategies, interesting characters, and a very memorable story I believe Conquest achieved


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Just in case you missed it we started our lets play of Persona 4 @AtlusUSA @SEGA @JohnLHardin #Persona4
@NISAmerica our 60 Minute Access video of Grand Kingdom is live
SMAGPT beings with a new series, featuring Persona 4!