Razer Tactical Bag Impressions

Written by: Bronson Fiori / Editor I’ve been a gamer on the go for most of my adult life. In college, I took my laptop with me so I could game in-between classes. I’ve had to ride the bus to work the past year, and wanted to get game time

Halo is Fantastic Again – Halo 5: Guardians Review

Halo is Fantastic Again – Halo 5: Guardians Review

Halo has always been a franchise with a strong pedigree. The series is most known for revolutionizing console shooters and helping to popularize online play on consoles, and each of the games, from the first in the series through to Reach, are considered classics by most shooter fans. The series

Time to Ball – NBA 2K16 Review

Time to Ball – NBA 2K16 Review

Rejoice, basketball fans, the time has come again! It’s time to ball. NBA 2K15 was a great game, with its more life-like players, gameplay, and creating the NBA TV experience during the gameplay for all old and new basketball fans. While NBA 2K15 brought good improvements, NBA 2K16 is even


Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Review

The Playstation Vita continues to lack great games and new releases remain few and far between. This is unfortunate for many Vita owners who, like myself, see great potential in the Vita. Danganronpa, a fairly well known anime and visual novel series, is one of the more successful games on


It Is a Vita Dungeon Crawler – Dungeon Travelers 2 Review

Dungeon Travelers 2 is the newest Vita dungeon crawler released by Atlus. The Playstation Vita has quite a few of these Japanese dungeon crawlers. It seems every week there is some new dungeon crawler coming out for the Vita. This makes it pretty hard for anyone single dungeon crawler to