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In-Depth Scoop on Stan Lee's Alliance with Moonshark for Verticus

Verticus Preview

Outside of a collection of Marvel-based video game releases, it’s not very often that you see the legendary comic evangelist, Stan Lee, take on an active role within the creation of a video game experience. Stan Lee, the God behind Marvel, has stepped out of this comfort zone and has teamed up with Moonshark, a mobile entertainment publisher, to deliver a unique iOS experience with the upcoming release, Verticus. I recently had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Moonshark, Matt Kozlov, on the premise behind Moonshark and what gamers can expect with the release of Verticus. Read more!

Founded early last year, Moonshark was co-founded and has investors within Qualcomm, world leader in next-generation mobile technologies, and Creative Artists Agency (CAA), one of Hollywood's top talent agencies. Many may ask what form of involvement CAA has with Moonshark with their primary focus on managing celebrities, and while this is true, CAA also invests and puts businesses together in new media to introduce value utilizing their vast lineup of talent.

Matt spoke on the massive scale presented with the mobile gaming space as today’s devices are almost always attached to us and the user base is dramatically higher than any other form of gaming. This allows for more interaction with users and for an easier introduction to characters and new gameplay experiences for the market. When Stan Lee was approached about the idea of partnering on a project that would be delivered with a mobile focus, Stan Lee took immediate interest as an iPhone and iPad owner and one who likes to introduce his craft to new formats.

Together with Stan, Moonshark began development on Verticus at the beginning of the year and collaboratively developed a story, hero, background, and even created Stan’s very own character as the mission commander featuring his very own voice. The story behind Verticus is embraced with an evil alien race known as the Obliterators, who have infiltrated our planet who are tunneling towards the center of Earth where they are planning to implant a doomsday device called the Cosmicfuse intended to blow up our planet. The only way to prevent such disaster is for the hero, Verticus, to free fall through the atmosphere, skyscraper cities, and center of the Earth to the core of the planet with a high-tech heat-resistant, strong, flexible suit that acquires power-ups over time to eventually reach and defuse the device. As you free fall with Verticus, your focus will be avoiding obstacles, enemy attacks, and other forms of harm that may get in the way on your path to saving Earth.

Verticus supports integration of social elements such as GameCenter where your distance fallen and points earned within each run will be recorded and instantly compared to those scores of your GameCenter friends. Verticus will also allow for instant posting of scores to both Twitter and Facebook to prove your free falling skills to all of your friends linked to you via the two most popular social networks.

Classified as an “infinite faller”, Verticus, developed using the Unity Engine, will launch exclusively on the iOS platform, but the idea of introducing the experience to other platforms such as Android was not shot down, nor confirmed.

Set to release this fall, Verticus will not take advantage of the new iPhone 5’s larger display and improved hardware due to the strong focus on launching during their intended release time frame, but Matt believes there will be relatively minimal adjustments to be made, but these changes were once again neither confirmed nor denied. Pricing has yet to be made official, but Matt did state that users should expect a price of under $5 with a universal business model meaning once you purchase it on any iOS platform, you will have access to all iOS versions (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) optimized for their platforms. While the success of Verticus relies heavily within the hands of the consumers, Matt stated that their goal is for Verticus to expand greatly into dedicated action figures, t-shirts, and more, so keep your eyes out for Verticus on iOS this fall!

To celebrate the announcement of Verticus, Moonshark will gift a few lucky fans of their Verticus Facebook page with a signed piece of Verticus artwork from the game signed by Stan Lee.

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