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Uncharted’s Creative Visionary Declares “Most Beautiful and Emotional Game” Ever

Uncharted Journey

When the creative visionary behind one the most incredible video game franchises of all time, Uncharted states that your game is “the most beautiful and emotional game I've ever played”, you know that the title being referred to is nothing short of a masterpiece. Journey, developed by Thatgamecompany exclusively for the PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Network, claimed this crown from the one and only Amy Hennig just now on Twitter. Read more for the details!

Amy Hennig Tweet About Journey

For those who are unaware, Amy Hennig is the creative director of all three Uncharted releases on the PlayStation 3 as a valuable contributor to the Naughty Dog team. As one who praises the Uncharted franchise and believes it to be the most impressive video game franchise to evolve this consoles generation, the statement made holds much more weight than many may believe.

When Journey officially released March 13th, the gaming industry erupted in awe at the amazing experience delivered by Thatgamecompany, the same developing studio behind flOw and Flower. In fact, our very own Bronson Fiori stated within his review of Journey that it is a “gorgeous game that tells a beautiful tale through nothing but gameplay and on screen action”. Prices at $14.99, I highly recommend any PS3 owner with an interest in the abstract art form of gaming to give Journey a try, and if you were an early adopter and have experienced Journey, we would love to hear if you agree with the statement made by Amy Hennig.

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