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Spawn HD-720

I've always wondered why there isn't a CD changer type of deal for our gaming consoles. How cool would it be to load 10 games and play between them without having to get up. No? Just me I guess.

Well, this gets us much closer to my dream of gaming with bed sores. It's called the Spawn HD-720 and it claims to allow us to play our games remotely, though the internet. Glorious. Read more for a demonstration by the company.

The company is Spawn Labs and they announced this product this week at a tech conference. It's available now at $199. You will need a console adapter.

The company has much more info on it's website. Included is the standard Q&A. Here is the most important part of that.

How do the Spawn Labs products basically work?

At the simplest level, the Spawn HD-720 captures audio and video from the console and streams these signals with extremely low latency to the Spawn Player across the network, and the Spawn Player receives and plays these video and audio streams on your computer.

The gamepad connected to the USB port on your computer passes gamepad control signals through the Spawn Player across the network through the Spawn HD-720 and into the game console. So audio/video is going one way, and gamepad control actions are going the other way across the network. The Spawn Labs website helps to manage secure access to the game consoles, but connections, once made between the Spawn HD-720 and the Spawn Player, are point-to-point connections.

Source: Spawn Labs

Also, I'm working on getting an interview with the company. What questions do you have?

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