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TGA and ACI-Moondog Announces High-End Gaming PC Line

TGA and ACI-MoonDog Announces High End Gaming PC Line

The Gamer Access has been trying to expand into PC Gaming for a while now. Part of the reason for this expansion into PC Gaming is we wanted to partner with a PC company to do something special. Today we are happy to announce that The Gamer Access is partnering with ACI MoonDog Computers in Reno, NV to produce a line of gaming PCs of the highest quality. Bronson, Anthony, Nick and the team at ACI MoonDog Computers will collaborate to pick the best possible builds for gaming and anything else our fans and general gaming public requests.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Live Stream This Saturday

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Live Stream

Hey everyone, we know you loved our Extra Life charity stream we did earlier this year and have wanted us to do more live streams. Well wish granted, This upcoming Saturday, December 13th, Bronson Fiori will be live streaming Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Come watch this former Halo ace do stunningly mediocre at Halo online. So join us on Saturday the 13th at 9pm PST/12am EST at http://www.twitch.tv/thegameraccess

NBA Live 15 - basketball just got better

Basketball has its place in the gaming universe, and if EA Games have their way it will be a bigger place in 2015. The release of NBA Live 15 proudly delivers on its boast to bring you 48 minutes and 94 feet of end-to-end, dynamic gameplay.

Basketball Goal

Improved visuals and an intelligent full-team set of programming makes for an ever more satisfying gaming experience. Gone are the days of random defences and clunky transitions. NBA Live 15 draws on real-world offensive sets and defensive schemes to bring the gaming experience one significant step closer to the real thing. Just about the only thing missing is an online sports betting option to buy into the action with an actual wager.

There is no doubt that EA have pumped a huge amount of resource into the 15 version. What is offered at every point is more and better than what went before: more shooting options, better photographic rendering and animations, more body types, better emotional reactions, sharper controls, more defensive options and a much more realistic emphasis on the physicality of what happens on court. It all shows the great efforts that EA’s basketball bunnies have gone to .

Especially impressive are the interactive elements that are built into the game. The Live Season Hot Spot option allows you to re-enact moments from actual NBA games. The closer you get to replicating the original move, the higher you score. EA are promising that those will be available within an hour of the actual real-world move taking place. That’s pretty slick!

And of course there is the chance to assemble your own dream team of the likes of cover star Damian Lillard and compete online. With tutorials and the familiar selection of options to pick up tricks and tips, NBA Live 15 is a significant step forward for anyone with a gaming interest in basketball.

Extra Life 2014 24-Hour Charity Run: Team TGA!

Extra Life 2014: Team TGA

It is October 2014, and that means not just Halloween, but the Extra Life 24-hour gaming for charity run! Once again, the crew here at The Gamer Access will be playing games for twenty-four straight hours for charity going to children’s hospitals. The difference this year: We will live-streaming the entire time! The staff will be taking shifts with our TGA Twitch Channel. The Extra Life run begins on Saturday October 25 at 8am, and ends at 8am Sunday morning.

The Order: 1886 Merges CG and Gameplay Visuals on PS4

The Order: 1886

The embargo on The Order: 1886 exclusively on PlayStation 4 has finally lifted and as one who attended Sony’s private showcase in Santa Monica on February 10th, I was one of the very first to see live gameplay and learn more about what Ready at Dawn has sought out to achieve with the game that up to now, we only had a CG trailer for, at least that’s what we thought.

Watch below as I provide exclusive information about The Order: 1886 as the stunning gameplay footage rolls. Ready at Dawn is truly onto something amazing and if executed properly, could be a huge hit on the PlayStation 4 later this year.

4.2 Million PS4s Sold Thus Far, A New Vita, and More

PlayStation 4 and Vita News - Feb 2014

Today, at a private event, Sony has announced new statistical and numerical updates on the PlayStation 4 game console and PlayStation Vita handheld system. These are the numbers that Sony provided:

Extra Life 2013 25-Hour Charity Run: Team TGA!

Extra Life 2013 Charity Run: Team TGA!

Gamers online and offline can have a less then favorable reputation. Over the years this has started to change. One big factor in the change is gamers reaching out and doing good things for the community. Gamers (Heart) Japan charity that helped with Tsunami relief, and Child’s Play gave millions of dollars to children’s hospitals every year. One of these charities is Extra-Life, and this year The Gamer Access is participating. Team TGA will be gaming 25 hours straight for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and you can game with us. Below is a link to our Extra-Life page. Donate (any amount is awesome), and not only do you help sick kids, but those who donate are picked first to game with us during the marathon. Below are each staff members screen names for each online gaming service and the times they will be on. We will be recording some of it (the last hour, we are all playing DOTA 2). So come on, help sick kids, play some games, and hang out with TGA staff members.

TGA Helps Children’s Hospital through Extra Life

TGA Extra Life Charity

The Gamer Access is proud to announce that we will be performing a gaming charity run through Extra Life! The event will take place on October 20, 2012 (today!), and we will be playing Halo: Reach from 6pm to midnight PDT. Our goal is to raise $350, and all proceeds will go to the Duke’s Children’s Hospital and Health Center in North Carolina.

Please donate for our cause and enjoy a fun community night with The Gamer Access staff.

The Gamer Access Extra Life Charity Run 2012

Date - October 20, 2012

Game – Halo: Reach

Time – 6pm until Midnight PDT

Fundraiser Goal - $350

Extra Life Fundraiser Link


Bronson Fiori – XBL: UndyingSarge

Nick McCandless – XBL: Nick212004

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker; Dragon Age Is Now A Movie

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker

Yeah, you heard me. Dragon Age is now a movie and I'm hoping it's as awesome as it sounds. The CG anime film is based on BioWare and Electronic Arts's fantasy game franchise, Dragon Age. First things first, read more to learn what I know about the plot:

The Gamer Access Forms Strategic Alliance with EGM

The Gamer Access EGM Alliance

The Gamer Access Forms Strategic Alliance with EGM

The Gamer Access today announced that it has joined with EGMNOW.com, the companion website of the popular video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly.

TheGamerAccess.com affiliate site can now be accessed within the new EGMNOW.com community at http://www.egmnow.com/the-gamer-access/.

Nick McCandless, the CEO and Owner of The Gamer Access launched TheGamerAccess.com in December of 2008 with a mission to evolve within the gaming industry and become an industry leader. What once began as a basic video game blog has evolved into a network with thousands of active community members seeking the latest and greatest coverage within the gaming industry. Covering events such as E3, CES, and PAX East, and more to come, The Gamer Access has established many mutual relationships with the industry's top publishers, representatives, and executives as a way to progress and establish a brand within the video game industry.

“We’re pleased to have Nick join the EGMNOW network of affiliate websites,” said Nick Baumfeld, Publisher and Online Operations/Business Development of EGMNow.com. “This platform represents a new way for gaming enthusiasts to obtain information and provides content publishers like The Gamer Access with a unique way to integrate their media within a robust community of more than 4.5 million active core gamers.”

As of May 11th, 2012, The Gamer Access will utilize the publishing platform available to affiliates at EGMNOW.com and looks forward to providing audiences with unique coverage that cannot be found anywhere else.


Nick McCandless, CEO/Owner

The Gamer Access

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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