God of War: Ascension Improves Upon Its Chaos (Interview) – PAX Prime 2012

PAX Prime 2012 God of War: Ascension Interview

God of War: Ascension is certainly on the industry’s radar for next year offering its known abundance of gore, violence, and pure chaos. With a redesigned art style, a complete turnaround on the story, and multiplayer for the very first time in the series, God of War: Ascension is sure to have the industry talking when it releases March of next year.

While the release still remains distant, here at PAX Prime 2012, Raychul Moore and I had the chance to speak with Todd Papy, Game Director of God of War: Ascension to speak on the epic experience being delivered by Sony’s Santa Monica Studios and what to expect when one of next year’s releases finally hits store shelves for the very first time!

Written by: Nick McCandless

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  1. Veeno September 1, 2012 | Reply
    Todd Papy is the man! Cant wait for GOW: A
  2. JSway September 2, 2012 | Reply
    Great interview! It's nice to see Raychul in good hands!
  3. Alex1873 September 3, 2012 | Reply
    Pretty good interview! God of War has always been a franchise I have cherished and the fact that they are keeping the fans happy by keep the franchise alive truly is awesome. I didnt know Todd had actually worked on all 3 so great pick up there. Loving the coverage!
  4. PorterPickUp September 3, 2012 | Reply
    She's tiny. Should have had GoW sequel where Kratos goes after the Norse or Egyptian pantheons.
  5. EzeeKill2517 September 3, 2012 | Reply
    Really good questions. Too bad they killed Deimos off in Ghost, would have been nice to see him continue the series, maybe in a different setting too
  6. TheYipedo September 4, 2012 | Reply
    I just want a dead Aphrodite. The Goddess of love should not be immune to Kratos' rage against the gods. Kill her after the love scene. =D
  7. JadieRt September 4, 2012 | Reply
    I want another Kratos threesome too!
  8. Vinny Castanova September 4, 2012 | Reply
    Ascension looks AMAZING! I have yet to experience a poor adventure with Kratos and look forward to experiencing the prequel. Also gotta give it up to them for integrating a solid multiplayer experience rather than just throwing a POS in like many companies have done over the years.
  9. Nick McCandless September 9, 2012 | Reply
    It was amazing working with Raychul and am glad to hear that you guys have enjoyed the coverage :)
  10. Nick McCandless September 9, 2012 | Reply
    Tell me about it! God of War and The Last of Us are my two most anticipated releases for next year!

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