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Turtle Beach Booth at E3 2010: Earforce Z2 & Earforce DSS & Earforce PBT

Turtle Beach

So while I was at E3 2010, I had to make it to my Turtlebeach appointment because they were showing three new peripherals that I have been interested in. The PC Headset titled the EarForce Z2. The Earforce PBT for the PlayStation 3, and what I thought is very innovative and benificial to gamers, the Earforce DSS. Read more to see the video and full description of products.

The Earforce Z2 headset for PC definitely offers the bang for a buck theory when realizing that it also works for the XBOX 360, and featuers 50mm drivers instead've the standard 40mm drivers in other headsets. They also feature analog inputs. They also boast accousticly tuned earcups with a ton of padding for comfortably. Full Specifications can be found here: Earforce Z2

The Earforce DSS is what really had me interested because it gives gamers or audiophiles that are interested in surround sound, the opportunity to utilize a pair of headsets you already own by plugging them into the Earforce DSS. For an example, if you purchased Turtlebeaches non surround sound headsets, like the Turtlebeach x11, you can now plug them into the Earforce DSS and now have a surround sound. It features 7.1/5.1 surround sound by processing a digital source from like an XBOX 360 or PS3. There is also a USB slot to power on whatever headset you are using. Full Specifications can be found here: Earforce DSS

The Earforce PBT for the Playstation 3 really had my nerdiness at full blast because again Turtlebeach innovates with another product. The Earforce PBT has a feature that you do not see in a lot of other bluetooth headsets. The feature is called Dual Pairing. With this headset, gamers are now able to pair the hedset itself with a Playstation 3 and also be paired to amobile device, instead've having to pair one at a time depending on which device you are using. Another great feature that this device has is a 2.5mm jack which gives you the opportunity to use the Turtleach Earforce x31 and X41 from the XBOX 360 line, to be using on the Playstation 3. The headset also has specialized microphone placement, which reduces wind noise delivering rich and natural voice quality. Full specifications can be found here: Earforce PBT.

Be sure to comment and let me know how you feel about the videos and what your thoughts are on Turtlebeach and their products. Please contact me @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follow me on twitter @Dizlaoboi916

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