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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: The Awaited PlayStation Gift (Interview) - PAX Prime 2012

PAX Prime 2012 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Interview

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has come a long way since it was announced earlier this year after years of anticipation. With new characters being announced on a regular basis, along with the revealed stages, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is looking to offer a wide range of content that pleases the millions of PlayStation fans. While the game is often compared to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. franchise, the team over at SuperBot Entertainment has been focused on integrating unique elements and gameplay styles to ensure PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale delivers a unique, yet enjoyable experience.

Interested in the holiday release, Raychul and I caught up with Omar Kendall, Game Director of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to speak on what PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will offer PlayStation fans later this year along with how they integrating unique elements within the gameplay.

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  • Guest - proclaimednotion

    im glad to hear they still have more to announce with the roster as I am praying they bring in solid snake, i mean come on they have raiden?!

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  • I'm hoping for Solid Snake as well!!!!

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  • I understand there are many PS fans upset by the cartoony approach with PS allstars, but this is my most anticipated game coming this year. I think Sony understands how much pressure is on them and expect them to make sure its a success. Plus Seth Killion!

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  • Guest - Cédric Cresens

    I HOPE realy that : Rayman , Ezio , Crash and Spyro will be a playable character that will be awsome for me .

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  • Stay tuned ;)

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  • OMG...Spyro, yes! I would like that. :)

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  • Guest - RmanX1000

    Anyone find it funny that Raychul is wearing a Triforce necklace? XDD

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  • Guest - princejb134

    i want this game already
    i really hope they included the final destination map lol

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  • Guest - Cyrisaurus

    So I guess Omar kinda confirms that there are still more characters to reveal.

    If the 20 we have really was the final roster, I'm sure they would already confirm that the roster is complete.

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