O-Games Booth E3 2010: SuperStars V8 Racing

SuperStars V8 Racing

While I was at E3, I made it to an appointment I had with the publisher O-Games. They had SuperStars V8 Racing on deck and I managed to get some video of the game being played and an interview with Jerry Whitehead, the Senior PR Manager. The game is developed by Milestone and I am sure glad I was able to see SuperStars V8 Racing because by the time I was done with the interview, I was completely sold on buying the game when it comes out, purely based on what I saw while I was there at the booth. Click Read More to see the video and full details about the game.

SuperStars V8 Racing O-Games Booth E3 2010 from Matt Vongthongkham on Vimeo.

The first thing I noticed when demoing the game was its pick-up and play mechanics. Just watching it being played also made me assure that me as whatever gamer I may be, can pick up the controller and race for a few minutes, or go headstrong for a full career mode if I was a hardcore racing fan. The game will feature top class production cars in the 3000cc to 7000cc range and will have up to 18 vehicles on track in every race. You can go head to head online against up to 7 other racers. Players can also switch modes into simulation mode for an even more realistic driving experience while racing in the best circuit tracks in the world.

The game is licensed by the Italian Championship Racing League and will carry a hefty amount of sponsors and car manufacturers including: BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and Cadillac.

Heres my favorite part of the game: it’s Cost. A game with such dynamic and in-depthness, all for only an MSRP of $19.99 and a release date of August 3, 2010. But dont take my word for it, watch the video above and you make the decision, I’ve already made mine.

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Written by: Steve

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  1. hylton July 7, 2010 | Reply
    cool interview but shit that dude didnt know much about the game except the its got hi res textures and its on par with gt5 graphics lol
  2. JSkyWalker July 7, 2010 | Reply
    how in the world didnt he know how to change the camera? the game looks solid, but i hate the bumper view in racing games. a good alternative to forza and gt. 20 bucks, cool.
  3. matt1989-ps3 July 9, 2010 | Reply
    im really confused.
    i have already played this game and gained platinum on the ps3, and that i think was in january.
    what i remember about this game is that the game play was actually quite good with fairly good physics and changing weather conditions that made a difference.
    only problem i found was that there was too many loading screens with the same annoying sound affects and music that u got in these screens.
  4. dabest July 9, 2010 | Reply
    any talk on wheel support?
  5. Zike July 9, 2010 | Reply
    This game has been on the market for months now (in Europe)...i played the first one...it was ok...honestly, i dont see much improvement over the first title...but, as the guy said...20 bucks...you cant beat that... :D
  6. fuckingidiot July 9, 2010 | Reply
    what a fucking cunt? Comparing Burnout and GT5 WHAT THE FUCK???

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