Far Cry 3 Sets the Benchmark for Open World FPS Genre (Interview) – PAX Prime 2012

PAX Prime 2012 Far Cry 3 Interview

Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise is known for its epic scale and role-playing elements that delivers an open world first-person shooter unlike any other. It’s been four years since the release of Far Cry 2, and the long wait for the sequel is justified greatly when examining the massive amount of content and gameplay experiences integrated within Far Cry 3.

Taking place in a massive tropical island setting, players will take on the role of Jason Brody, a stranded tourist separated from his girlfriend, who seeks her existence, but has a path to follow that is nothing short of hell. Forced to deal with a divergent cast of unstable characters trapped on the island, Jason is in for a adventure filled with insanity and violence. While in attendance at PAX Prime 2012, Raychul and I caught up with Jamie Keen, Lead Game Designer of Far Cry 3, to learn more about Far Cry 3 after being impressed by our hands-on demo.

Written by: Nick McCandless

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  1. CrayT September 9, 2012 | Reply
    Vaas makes for a badass villain! When the guy said that the demo you guys played was 1/20th of the game, her face was priceless lol I cannot wait!
  2. iamgoatman September 10, 2012 | Reply
    Aiming with a controller in FC2 was horrendous. The acceleration has to be the worst I've seen in a game, couple that with large amounts of input lag and you had 2 options, try to move the cross-hair a small amount and get nothing, or a bit more and end up nearly spinning in circles.
  3. Go whammy your dad punk September 10, 2012 | Reply
    The problem here is that you have a console. Get a computer you moron and you will have about 10x the control and 20x the processing power in the graphics department. A HD 7970 3GB 1200/1700 probably is nearing 25x. So go fuck a duck and get your priorities right. Ie. Stop complaining that there is no control in Far Cry 2 when it is the console's fault. Since when did they EVER have an acceptable level of control. DO NOT BLAME FC2 you cheap stingy HOMO.
  4. Mike Hunt September 10, 2012 | Reply
    Well aren't you a pleasant individual. He has a point, the aiming mechanics weren't good when played with a controller. I loved the game but the aiming and movement was clunky and awkward on console. Other PC games have fine aiming mechanics when played on console, Crysis 1&2 and the Battlefield games for example. The fact thats it's on console wasn't the problem, the problem was that the developers didn't take enough time to get it right on console. Anyway FC3 looks brilliant, I can't wait to explore the world.

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