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Killzone 3: All Of The Details We Know So Far

Here is a list that I complied from a bunch of sources which details all of the things that we will expect in Killzone 3. These include Multiplayer, Gameplay, Jetpacks, Graphics, Story and Rumors.


  • Starts off right after Killzone 2. Sev, Rico and the ISA are trying to take down the Helghast
  • Development began right after Killzone 2 Shipped
  • Will show the Helghast have humanity left in them
  • Will include arctic levels
  • One mission in the game involves rescuing ISA Captain Narville
  • Will show off the Helghan culture
  • There is actually a Helghan language, which will be explored in the game
  • Better quality of dialogue and the writing


  • Runs on the same engine as Killzone 2
  • Gameplay unchanged from KZ2
  • Improved melee system
  • You can stick a knife in a Helghan's ribcage and eye socket
  • Some Helghan AI have jetpacks
  • Larger scale environments
  • A lot of snow levels
  • More variety and enemy types
  • WASP Primary fire releases missiles that spiral their way to a target. They have smoke trails. Secondary fire locks on to a target and then rains down rockets


  • There will be jetpacks!
  • L1 increases altitude. X gives players a speed boost
  • Easy to manoeuvre, light weight jetpacks
  • Jetpacks have a machine gun mounted on top on them
  • In one mission, you use the jetpack to launch yourself from glacier to glacier




  • First Sony title to Support 3D
  • Have to sit in the centre of the 3D TV for the 3D effects to work
  • Awesome effects like the player's gun popping out of the screen. Incredible snow particle effects and bullets flying out of the screen
  • Only real graphical rival is Crysis


  • Just as important to Guerrilla as single player
  • Promised to be truly innovative
  • Going to have more “accessibility” than KZ2


  • The PlayStation Move will somehow feature in the gameplay
  • The multiplayer mode will include vehicles
  • The player can choose between 8 different classes
  • Classes can be personalized with a new 'Reward System', but only appearance and classes can be changed
  • Guerrilla is also working on a 2 player co-op mode, and a 4 player objective mode
  • The game is scheduled for release in May of next year

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