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Growing Pains: BioWare Attacked Again for Homosexuality Options

BioWare Attacked Again for Homosexuality Options

There are quite a few people who are up in arms about the option to have same-sex relationships in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The option hasn’t even been implemented at the time this article was written, but BioWare has made it apparent that they will include it as an option later on. The American Decency Association and Florida Family Association have reacted to this by stating that homosexuality in Star Wars is “impacting our children”. Read more to get the full letter from the FFA about how they believe BioWare is impacting our children, and hear my thoughts on all of it.

The letter from the Florida Family Association:

My family and I were disappointed to learn that BioWare and Electronic Arts plan to add LGBT content to Star Wars video games.

American families grew up with the Star Wars film series that was family fare. The films contained no profanity, no nudity and no sexual situations.

It makes no sense that BioWare and Electronic Arts would shatter that family quality in Star Wars video games just to pacify 35 LGBT polling participants and appease extremists.

Star Wars video games are for children. An overwhelming percentage of the 1.7 million games sold are being used by children who do not need to be exposed to this propaganda. Please stick to your policy to avoid such advocacy representations in your games.

Please tell us that it is not too late to stop this from impacting our children.

I look forward to sharing your response with family and friends.

Thank you.

The flaws in this argument here are numerous. Where to begin? “The films contained no profanity, no nudity and no sexual situations.” The first problem here is that they automatically associate profanity and such acts to homosexual couples, despite the fact that straight couples do the same thing. It’s not a gay thing, it’s a human thing. To assume that the inclusion of gay people in a game means it’ll make the game more adult is ludicrous. The second problem here is they state that there’s no profanity and such in Star Wars. Sure, there’s no nudity, since the closest they get is the Princess Leia outfit, which has impacted nerd fetishists for years and years since. But what they’re forgetting is that while there may not be nudity, worse things happen. Limbs get cut off. Including heads. Multiple times. I remember the scene in A New Hope where Luke finds his uncle and aunt’s charred skeletal remains in front of his house. That was terrifying to me. If you’re up in arms because people are having sex, which is a natural thing that humans are made to do, but can’t pump the brakes on some of the awful ways people die, something’s up. Another point that was made somewhere else on the vast plains of the internet is that the game is rated T for Teen. Many schools are teaching sex-ed before kids are turning 13, and parents should be a part of dealing with their kid’s hormones, telling them how to deal with sex, not censoring their kids from the world. If it’s rated T, and your kid’s not a teen, the parent is probably the one buying the game, and that’s your fault if your kid is being exposed to something that you don’t want them to be. Or else there’d be another GTA coffee incident and courts would get involved.

This isn’t the first time BioWare has been attacked for having homosexual options in game. Shortly after Dragon Age 2 was released, a complaint from a gamer was posted on the BioWare forums, in which he stated that there needed to be a “heterosexual mode” for Dragon Age 2. This man identified himself as straight, and he didn’t seem to want all these advances on him from his own sex. BioWare responded with a “deal with it” kind of attitude, and that was the right call.

And that’s also the right call here. To bend to these people, who say BioWare’s supporting “extremists”, as opposed to millions of people who are gay, and the many more that support them, would be awful of BioWare. It’s very small in the context of what it does for The Old Republic, but you have to fight for the little things as well as the big things. And given the history with Dragon Age, I don’t expect BioWare to budge on this issue one bit.

Do you disagree with how I feel, or what BioWare is doing? Leave a comment! Intelligent discussion is how you find the truth.

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