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Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Skyrim

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Skyrim

It’s been almost three weeks since the arrival of The Elder Scrolls V, and speaking for all Elder Scrolls fans, we couldn’t be more pleased. With the latest patch out to smooth over any rough edges, more and more people are saying goodbye to reality and immersing themselves into the magical land that is Skyrim. I’ve put together a list of some of the most fun things to do for those who have, or think they have, conquered all there is to conquer. Read more for my top ten fun things to do in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

10. Get Naked

“Either I’m drunk, or you’re naked. Possibly both.”

After we’ve been playing for hours and hours on end, it’s not uncommon to get a little tiresome of running around doing all these extravagant favors for everyone. Ten-minute cure? Strip off your armor and show the people of Skyrim what you’ve got and listen to their responses about your birthday suit via a mod, (PC only), or just run around in your undies if you’re playing on a console, or shy. However I wouldn’t advise trying to kill any dragons like this.

9. Wabbajackin'

Turn fellow citizens into mudcrabs, rabbits, dremora, or just zap the life out of them with this insane staff. After a crazed meeting with everyone's favorite daedric prince, Sheogorath, who is having himself a tea party with the deceased in the middle of nowhere… he will ask of you to do three very interesting little tasks and thus, you acquire the Wabbajack! Take it back to ‘reality’ with you and scare the hell out of J’zargo by turning him into a chicken.

See the Wabbajack in action here.

8. Get Married

Feeling lonely? Hate coming home to only your housecarl? Then you, my friend, need to find yourself an Amulet of Mara and get hitched. Do a favor for someone, and they will like you. Some more than others, giving you the option to ask if they are interested in you. They are, of course, and wish that you arrange a wedding, stat! After your slightly boring little ceremony, (in contrast to Vittoria Vici’s), you can move them to your place or have them follow you. The awesome part of all this is the perks that come along. Home-cooked meal, income from the mysterious store you suddenly have, and awakening feeling your lover’s comfort, whatever that entails.

7. Lie, Steal, Sneak, Kill

A favorite past-time of most in Skyrim, it’s always fun to be bad. So go on, tell the Alik’r where Saadia is hiding for a couple hundred gold. Sneak your way through the homes of sleeping families and steal all the valuables have to offer, and if they have anything to say about it, a good war axe to the face might shut them up.

6. Become a Werewolf, or Vampire

Find maniacal amusement by transforming into a werewolf and ripping apart the bodies of whomever you please. While you’re at it enjoy a health, stamina, and sprint speed increase by 100, a very fearful shout that summons wolves to fight by your side, and hand-to-hand melee damage bonuses. However all NPC’s will become hostile at the sight of you, you cannot equip items, use spells, of loot the pile of bodies you just created. If you find yourself regretting this transformation, there is a cure! As for vampires, you can only ‘go crazy’ on a sleeping NPC. At the fourth stage of vampirism, you are 100% resistant to ice, have a 100% weakness to fire, and all stats lowered by 60 points in sunlight. I deem this the least fun of the two because vampires, well… they suck.

5. Save Game, Start a Riot!

Every single time I’m about to quit the game I do this. Simply save the status of the game as you like it, and wreak havoc on anything and everything without worrying about paying off bounty or jail time. My personal favorite is going to Windhelm, starting a fight with the Stormcloak guards, then summoning dremora, familiars, and frost/flame atronachs to create one very delightful battle.

4. Join a Guild

Some say the quests you do within a guild are actually more fun than the main quest. Other than the intriguing visit to Sovngarde, I somewhat agree. The Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, College of Winterhold, The Companions, Battle-Borne, and Imperial/Stormcloak Army, are all packed with substantially entertaining plots and perks to keep you playing for days.

3. Explore, Everything

I have a friend who has been playing Skyrim almost non-stop for a week now and hasn’t even started the main quest. If that doesn’t tell you how much pleasure you can get from just adventuring the lands and clearing dungeons then maybe you should take a break from all those endless favors you’re doing and find happiness in a nice draugr-filled cave, you could quite possibly learn a thing or two in there.

2. Mod It!

An advantage for PC gamers, modding takes Skyrim to a whole new level. Not that we don’t already want to marry the game itself, but there are a ton of useful, as well as hilarious, mods to enhance your Skyrim experience more than you thought it ever could. (See 10. Get Naked) For all the modifications your heart desires, check out www.skyrimnexus.com.

1. Slay a Dragon, Absorb a Soul

You knew this was coming. The unquestionably most entertaining thing to do in Skyrim is, dragon slaying! It doesn’t matter how you do it, sword, spell, bow, scroll, shout, fist… it never becomes tiresome. Absorbing the soul of a dragon is a very captivating thing as well. Don’t you feel like a real hard-ass standing there while the townspeople look on in disbelief that you are destined as Dovahkiin? I thought so. Just don’t slay Paarthurnax, he’s our friend.

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