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PS4 and Xbox 720: What to Expect

PS4 Xbox 720

Microsoft and Sony struck gold with their Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 systems over the past six years. Microsoft has sold 57.6 million units worldwide, and Sony has sold 55.5 million units worldwide. After the extreme success of these two consoles, you might find yourself asking “What’s next?”, and unfortunately the answer to that question is all but clear, but there are a few things that come to mind when I think Xbox 720 and PS4. Read more to discover what I anticipate to be the main focuses of the next generation consoles for Sony and Microsoft.

The new generation of consoles would have to have hardware that eclipses the old versions to make the upgrade necessary. The Xbox 360, and the PS3’s hardware seems to be top of the line, so if there were to be any sort of upgrade, the changes would have to be so great that people would jump at the opportunity. A major problem with this is that game developers can only upgrade their technology so much to the point that they are no longer able to do so. If the system’s hardware would eventually increase and become better than what the developers are able to use, there will be quite some time with sub-par games that are not able to use the console’s full potential.

Another major change that we will most likely see with the next generation of consoles is strong 3D compatability. Most television manufacturers nowadays are putting a lot of money into developing 3D TVs, so it would only be logical for Microsoft and Sony to do the same. With almost every movie and DVD coming out having a 3D option, it doesn’t seem too foreign to imagine seeing major console titles coming out in fully developed 3D.

A very important change that must be added is more time put into testing a new system. A major problem Microsoft has been plauged with during the life of their console, is the Red Ring of Death and Sony has had problems with the Yellow Light of Death as well. Being a owner of both systems, I am able to say I have experienced the frustration of the Red Ring, and how terrible it is to have it fixed. Microsoft and Sony will have to completely step up their game when they do decide to release a new console, and put a lot of time into testing it to aviod having such a catastrophic failure in their new top of the line system they will be pushing.

All together the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 4 may seem like they are far away, but they may be closer than you might think. With technology increasing further and further every minute, it makes sense to expect the next big thing from Microsoft and Sony; putting the fact that they have not updated their systems in almost seven years into consideration. I will just like to end on the fact that these are only my thoughts of what might come, I hope to see more and more improvements to the new line, these are only some things I found important.

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