• 60-minute-access-stardew-valley

    60 Minute Access: Stardew Valley Part 1

    Welcome to Stardew Valley our own little escape from reality. Given to us by our grandfather at a young age in a mysterious, don’t open this letter until you need to kinda letter. Well years later when the boredom of our lives is too much to handle we leave comfy

  • unscripted-access-173

    Beware of Early Spoilers! – Unscripted Access Episode #173

    The upcoming Nintendo NX game console will be released in March 2017, PlayStation 4 sold nearly 18 million units over a one-year period, Xbox 360 console has concluded production, and Uncharted 4 was shipped early to some people. This week on Unscripted Access, the news and rumors surrounding upcoming consoles

  • super-mega-awesome-go-play-time-loz-oot

    Super Mega Awesome Go Play Time – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Episode 21

    After a long series of unfortunate events it looks like Ray’s finally on the right tracks again if any indication from the series of traps everywhere. After beating the monster rooms, traversing past the falling ceiling, and solving the block puzzle Link comes face to face with the green ghost

  • bronsons-soapbox-episode-62

    Bronson’s Soapbox Episode 62: PlayStation 4 Neo

    With the rumors of the PlayStation 4 “Neo” getting very loud, Bronson does not think a PS4.5 will be a very good idea at all…

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