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    Playing God Episode 35: Yorshka (Dark Souls 3)

    Dark Souls 3 has invaded our household – from figurines to the actual game being played more often than not – so Tori went ahead, bit the bullet, and drew Company Captain Yorshka.

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    60 Minute Access: Battleborn Part 1

    It’s time to dive right into the Battleborn world where we check through the menus, check out some interesting characters, and then finally head into battle on a giant germ.

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    Everything Is a Deathtrap – Unscripted Access Episode #176

    The TGA staff gave much clearer impressions on their experiences with Uncharted 4, a piece of artwork from the next Destiny expansion was leaked, Gran Turismo Sport has a release date, and Grand Theft Auto V still has not stopped selling. This week, we actually finished Uncharted 4 and can

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    Super Mega Awesome Go Play Time – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Episode 31

    The water temple part 3, and a battle with Dark Link!

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This week on Playing God, Tori drew Yorshka from Dark Souls 3! #DarkSouls3 https://t.co/Y4J7n8oOCh https://t.co/4Lt0SZV3wk
We have a video review on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD! https://t.co/cIEED9mJFU https://t.co/V1bWw66MIS
This week on 60 Minute Access, it is Battleborn! #Battleborn https://t.co/qc6VuRXEWv https://t.co/Vn57cnos46