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    TGA GameKraft GameKast Episode 181: Thai Horse Fighting

    Bronson and Aaron are back this week to talk about the full version of Overwatch, how surprisingly awesome Doom (2016) is, and how well Doom (1993) holds up. Then they proceed to talk about Pocket Card Jockey, Thai horse fighting, Blizzard games, Uncharted 4, the Xbox 1.5, GTX 1080 benchmarks,

  • 60-minute-access-overwatch

    60 Minute Access: Overwatch Part 1

    After very successful beta runs, Overwatch has been officially released! We began our first match with Bronson and The Intern in the same party, and because nobody else played support, that left Bronson go with a support character..

  • unscripted-access-177

    The Console Rumor Pot Stirs – Unscripted Access Episode #177

    Uncharted 4 breaks first-week first-party sales records for the PlayStation 4 platform, the reason for the rumored PS4 Neo’s existence was reported, Xbox may have two new models in the next year, and Total War: Warhammer became best-selling in the franchise. SPOILER ALERT! Unfortunately, we got a little carried away

  • super-mega-awesome-go-play-time-loz-oot

    Super Mega Awesome Go Play Time – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Episode 35

    With the Eye of Truth acquired, we headed back to the future and village where it was on fire!

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