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    Playing God Episode 20: Grillby (Undertale)

    In this episode of Playing God, Steph (Rhen Sawyer) puts an emphasis of lighting and atmosphere comes across around in Grillby’s bar in Snowdin, from Undertale.

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    TGA GameKraft GameKast Episode 166: Gamekast Digivolve to…

    This week on the Gamekast we discuss Digimon, more of the Wtiness, Heroes of the Storm, Amiibo sales in each region, and so much more… DOWNLOAD: Right Click and Save Link As… Subscribe on iTunes:

  • 60-minute-access-assassins-creed-syndicate

    60 Minute Access: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Part 1

    This week on 60 Minute Access, we explored the surprisingly well-liked Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Right off the bat, the man at the controls was impressed by less clucky gameplay and Batman Arkham elements.

  • super-mega-awesome-go-play-time-beyond-two-souls

    Super Mega Awesome Go Play Time – Beyond: Two Souls Episode 13

    Tuesday needed some serious help, but then everyone was in dire need as the building they stayed in became engulfed in flames…

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60 Minute Access: Bayonetta Part 1

We were going to do Yoshi’s Wooly World, but we had technical difficulties with the Wii U. We did manage to get Bayonetta to run. While our luck was still good, we stuck with Bayonetta, which came with Nintendo costumes and immense style just like Bayonetta 2 did!


TGA GameKraft GameKast Episode 165: The Witness

This week on the Gamekast, we discuss Johnathan Blow’s new game The Witness, Nintendo’s next console, why Ray hates good things and EA’s release schedule for the next year. DOWNLOAD: Right Click and Save Link As… Subscribe on iTunes:

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This week on Playing God is Grillby from Undertale!
60 Minute Access this week is on Assassin's Creed Syndicate!